Motorola’s ‘Hello Moto’ and batwing logo to relaunch soon via New Boot Animation

motorola logo batwing logo

As far back as Lenovo obtained Motorola in 2014, the company has been trying its best to get back into the trend. After acquired by Lenovo, Motorola almost had lost its identity and prominence in the market. However, toward the start of this year, the Chinese conglomerate, Lenovo declared to reintroduce the brand name ‘Motorola’ with the upcoming smartphones and truly kept its promise by naming two new lineups of smartphones as ‘Moto G and Mote Z.’

However, the famous batwing logo of Motorola didn’t appear on any smartphones of Lenovo yet, delivering an intense disappointment to the Moto fans. But today, Moto USA has uncovered the reports of Lenovo bringing the historic batwing logo of Motorola back. The parental company, while announcing this news said that the batwing logo is still in power and soon will be appeared in the Moot phones.

Along with this announcement, Moto US also introduced a new marketing campaign according to which Moto smartphones and devices will be upgraded with another boot activity that incorporates the notable batwing logo with the slogan of “Hi Moto.” The motto ‘Hi Moto’ is the same jingle used by Motorola in 2002 and in coming time, it will be utilized for the marketing campaign.

To recall, Motorola under the headship of Google used to transmit firmware that had ‘Hello Moto’ Boot animation and mostly found on the line-up of Moto X smartphones. Moreover, the company also used to update the animations over time. But after obtained by Lenovo, things changed firmly, making Motorola lost its identity and its signature Hello Moto batwing logo.

But now, Lenovo considering the popularity of Motorola in the market is re-thinking about the introducing the company with the same brand name accompanied by fewer modifications. And to carry out this proposal, today, Lenovo posted a video clip on YouTube, which is based on the ‘Hello Moto’ Boot animation, and declared that, it would be “the power-up on new Moto phones.” The video illustrated the famous and historic signature line of Motorola – ‘Hello Moto’ trailed by a series of multi-coloured outlines and pictures. The video ends with the logo of Lenovo, stating that the company is aggressively working on giving Motorola back its uniqueness soon.

Till now, Lenovo hasn’t yet given any final words on which Moto phone is going to get this ‘Hello Moto batwing logo.’ But if we go with the buzzes, the smartphones from the line-up of Moto X will be the first model to comprise the Moto Logo again. However, yet neither Lenovo nor Motorola has confirmed any particular device and the update is expected to commence soon, by the end of this year. However, there is nothing assured about the range of Moto phone of 2015 will get Hello Moto batwing logo or not.

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