Dual brand strategy of Motorola-Lenovo will continue its reign in Indian market

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The smartphone maker duo Motorola-Lenovo is all set to invest themselves into penetrating the Indian market and reap the benefits from the market that have such a huge potential in the hand-held device and smartphone sector. In an official statement by the Executive director of Lenovo India and also managing director of Motorola India, Sudhin Mathur has said that the dual- brand strategy currently adopted by the Chinese smartphone and PC maker, Lenovo is here to stay.

Three years ago, Motorola was acquired by Lenovo for $2.9 billion after its short stint with Google. So far, Motorola has seen about three such acquisitions by Samsung, Google and Lenovo (in that order). The last acquisition made by Lenovo seems to have reached a sweet spot for Lenovo as it has seen enormous popularity of the Moto phones by Lenovo after the take-over. This is quite evident from the fact that Lenovo has jumped from 31st to 2nd position regarding smartphone sales made between 2013 and 2016. Sudhin Mathur explains, “While it is the Motorola brand that does well in the US and Europe, it is the Lenovo brand that works in APAC.”

The current brand strategy that is being followed by Lenovo in relation to Motorola is that of an attempt to position Moto as a premium brand for the dual-brand. To enhance its capability and hold over the market in the APAC, specifically India and South Asia region it has established manufacturing plant in Chennai and Puducherry that would be rolling out 6 million units of smartphones each year.

Just days ago Lenovo announced the launch of its premium Moto G5 in India thereby strengthening its market foothold in India. The new device is expected to hit the shelves sometime by the end of April 2017. Lenovo-Motorola account for about 25 percent of smartphones sales made online in India

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