Modi on its way to adopt Jayapura, promises for development


After a long time good days are almost knocking on the door of people of the Jayapura, a small village in Varanasi as Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday approached the commoners and unleashed the fact of adopting Jayapura in his Lok Sabha constituency. In this meeting, Mr. Modi urged the commoners not to depend on government policies and motivate themselves to enhance their initiative skills. There he covered many social issues like female foeticide, poor condition of Banarasi weavers, unhygienic food stuff and many more. He also threw his views on the underdevelopment Eastern UP. At last he too compared himself as a commoner and stated that “I, a small man, will bring about big things through my small talk” for which he was applauded.

In this era of corrupted politics, Narendra Modi initiated many schemes for the development of India. Recently, Modi visited a small village in Varanasi named Jayapura where he discussed on social issues and gave their alternatives. He started his discussion by focusing on the poor condition of weavers. In Varanasi every household in engaged in small textile industry. So to improve their condition he launched a scheme called PM Jan-Dhan Yojana where he promised to improve the funds for the textile sector. He remarked that every weaver should be given proper training and told them the importance of modernization of the textile industry and increment in the opportunity of E-Business. “Every mother wants a Banarasi sari for her daughter on their wedding day… 20 crore girls will get married in the next few years. So 20 crore saris will be needed. Such a big market waiting for you,” stated Modi by addressing to all the commoners present there.

He then focused on adopting Jayapura in his Lok Sabha constituency. He told the crowd to become aware of the fact that a village has a right to adopt an MP instead of an MP adopting a village of his choice.  “Our villagers need to give up the notion that it is the government that is the doer, and they are only beneficiaries. The Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana is an effort in that direction. It aims to empower villagers and provide them with opportunities to exercise these choices”, stated PM.

At last he discussed the still prevailing social issue “female foeticide”. He with his influencing speech showed the importance of women in Indian society. He took the past years sex ratio and unleashed the fact that if 800 girls are born against 1000 boys, then it is sure that 200 males will always be in search of their life partners. “If we kill girl child in the mother’s womb, then what will happen to the world. If only 800 girls are born against 1000 boys, then 200 boys will remain unmarried. Will government do this job?,” Modi said while addressing to all the commoners present there.

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