Mobile Premier League app review: Fun & Rewarding

Imagine that you play a game and you received ‘X’ rs. How will you feel? It isn’t as if you are playing a professional game but there are apps available on Google Play Store that allows users to play games like Fruit Chop, Runner (somewhat similar to Subway Surfer), etc and withdraw amount upon scoring higher ranks and Mobile Premier League (MPL) is the new entrant in the league of apps and I tried it. One word to describe the app, it’s Amazing!

All you need to know about Mobile Premier League

Other apps require a long buildup after you install it and that’s a slightly longer procedure towards withdrawing winning amount to your bank account but not with MPL. The app is crazy fast as it literally half an hour for me to play a game of ‘Fruit Chop’ and score a #925 rank to win Rs 6/- directly to my PayTM wallet and that too because the money is available to withdraw only after the tournament ends and in my case, it was 30 minutes.

What are the games available on MPL?

If you want to know which games you’ll find on MPL, I already mentioned about Fruit Chop wherein you literally chop the fruits popping up on the screen using your fingers. Then there’s Monster Truck which is a racing game that challenges you to perform stunts to score points but there’s a catch, you can’t destroy the car of the game ends right there.

Next, there’s Runner No. 1 which is an infinite running game where you tackle obstacles and wade away from hungry bear coming to kill you. Space Breaker is an arcade game and highly attractive wherein you break in brick mazes using the ball to break ‘em. There another game called Gem Crush which is something like Candy Crush and then, you got Run Out which is for people who love cricket. Stump out to win more with this game.

Further, there’s a Ninja Jumper which is vaguely similar to a game called Vector wherein you run hopping from one building to another escaping the obstacles before competitor wins over you. Embrace the classic aura of attaching puzzle blocks with Build Up and that’s not the end of the list. The developers will actively update more games on the platform with an interval of a few weeks so that you can play more, score more, and earn more.

How does it work?

It’s really simple once you take a look at the app. When you open it, you need to enter the number which is vividly associated with PayTM and other bank accounts. Now, you have what MPL calls ‘Tokens’ which is basically the number of times you can play a game. You usually get 20 to 40 tokens as a sign-up bonus that you can use to play a game and score to earn.

Once you are passed through the credentials, the next section is ‘All Games’ where all the games are listed on the screen. You can check out all other games here below which, prize, duration, and entry charges are mentioned for a different scheme. Tap on the particular scheme and you’ll get to know how much you can earn by scoring a specific range of rank. The tournament is live and you can play a number of tournaments at once to win more, however, you’ll have to pay tokens every time you play it.

The total tokens you have are listed on the top left of the screen. You can tab on ‘+’ sign to add more tokens. There is a cash icon on the top right of the screen which dictates the total amount you have received after playing games which you can withdraw.

‘My Tournaments’ tab gives input on all the games and tournaments you have played. The ‘Leaderboards’ displays the global ranks of all the players on MPL where you can check out your ranks and other details as well. Finally, tap on ‘Wallet’ to view the amount received and other options.

IS Mobile Premier League a trusted app to play games and earn?

These types of apps are fishy at times. You can play games on PayTM which literally pays you to score higher, however, it is free initially but not all the times since you need to pay for tokens to play further.

So, the answer is yes, Mobile Premier League is a legit app that actually pays you. I played a tournament, scored #925 rank on ‘Fruit Chop’ and based on the rank range, I earned Rs 6/- which although is a small amount but the thing is, it pays. The amount was immediately transferred to PayTM from where I can spend it or withdraw it in my bank account.

The app also has options to refer and earn wherein you can share the app with your referral code and earn when they sign up. It is so popular that you’ll see the referrals codes on its Google Play Store page in place of actual reviews and thus, this review on TeCake must help you decide if you will go through the app or not.


The app actually pays when you play the game, score high and earn. If you are someone who likes to fiddle around with the phone playing basic and short games with an intent to get satisfied earning sporadic amounts then you must go for it. I bet the game will be popular among teenagers who have time to spend playing game although it works with all age groups and that’s what we can see in its 1 million downloads and counting. You can download the game here!

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