Microsoft restricts Slack, Google Docs for its employees

Microsoft restricts Slack, Google Docs, & others for its employees

When you are a multi-billion dollar company, data becomes a crucial part and allowing thousands of employees to communicate with each other is also imperative to get things done. Slack is one of the team collaboration apps on the market that allows users to chat with others within the group, share files and a wide range of other services including a calling feature as well. However, for Microsoft, this seems to be inadequate as the company has opted to discontinue using Slack altogether but hey, it is not Slack under the hammer but there are a number of apps and services that have been curtailed from using on the Microsoft campus.

There were rumors about Microsoft employees not able to use some services, however, it was only when GeekWire obtained an official document detailing about the fact that Microsoft has prohibited its employees from using a number of listed services and apps which includes Slack as well. Instead, Microsoft is keen to promote its own collaboration app called Microsoft Teams which has same features while promising privacy and security of the users and the data being exchanged.

The list of prohibited services includes Slack, Amazon Web Services, Google Docs, Grammarly grammar checker, GitHub, etc. This will allow Microsoft to safeguard the data being exchanged that would otherwise route through these services which could leak or used inappropriately against Microsoft or any other ways. 

Microsoft has also prohibited using Kaspersky security software while discouraging employees from using a popular software development hub wherein it acquired a community worth $7.5 billion i.e. on GitHub. 

A similar ban of using the services offered by competitors was seen back when Microsoft was manufacturing its own smartphone when it banned iPhones from being used within the campus. Microsoft is trying to keep the people who work for it inside the Microsoft ecosystem, however, it could backfire causing the developers to look out for profiles at the competition due to the constant prohibition and restriction on various services. 

Among the various services being banned, Slack has been coined as the most profound since it is highly popular among developers. Several reports do believe Microsoft is trying to get rid of Slack by promoting its own Microsoft Teams app that it launched back in 2017. Slack recently entered the IPO stock market in April this year, making it one of the most valuable companies in the U.S. When contacted, neither Slack or Microsoft commented on the same. Digital Trends states how Microsoft’ move to restrict apps makes sense when it comes to security-related matters.

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