“Men’s Motivation” app Review: A pack of motivational quotes

"Men's Motivation" app Review: A pack of motivational quotes

We all need motivation and inspiration in life to win over challenges and not run from it that would take us away from our goals or objectives or dreams. Well, I am a guy who mostly relies on motivation videos that amp up my charismatic motivation quotient within me that helps me tackle challenges that I face every day in this industry of content development which ain’t easy.

What’s the first thing that you see on your phone when you unlock it or when you are staring at its screen when the phone is locked for god knows what reasons? Well, it is definitely the wallpaper or desktop image unless you thought of icons and widgets first. The wallpaper of a person can explain a lot about him/her and since it is the first and last thing you see when using a phone and for day-in and day-out, using it for your good can escalate efficiency in your work trying to achieve your goals.

Although you can download a bunch of motivational quotes from the Internet, Men’s Motivation is an all-arounder app which has curated a huge collection of best motivational quotes with convincing images that would raise the motivational quotient like no ordinary wallpaper. Men’s Motivation is fairly a new app on Google Play Store with feeble 100,000+ downloads but trust me, the developers i.e. ‘Young PileStock’ have done some great work in designing its user interface and how the motivational quotes pop up on the screen.

Talking about the app, it has a huge collection of quotes in HD images that you can browse and if you like it, simply download it and set it as your wallpaper. This could essentially instill transparency in your life if you are trying to achieve something in your life and working towards a better future right now.

There’s no rocket science here. Motivational Quotes are known to inspire people and that’s what the app does, it provides thousands of images that you can download and set as wallpaper. You can also share it among your friends via social media plugins and since the app is few megabytes in size, it is lightweight and battery optimized thus, it won’t put any strain on the system’s performance whatsoever.

The app according to the users?
Since I can’t be 100% sure that you’ll love this app since everyone has different likes, dislikes, and priorities and preferences, I did summarize few comments and reviews posted favoring this app that will replenish your trust in this app.

A user stated that the app is awesome and he loves it because it motivates you when you are upset and since the app updates new quotes every day, there’s a lot more to go through every day. Fortunately, another user said that he can see himself as a new person after using it which is in reference to the inspiration the app fives with constant engagement. Although the app doesn’t have timely updates but isn’t a big issue on a smartphone thanks to its optimized size.
Download the app here!

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