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mCent Browser: Perfect companion for browsing and earning talktime

mCent Browser: Perfect companion for browsing and earning

I must say that I am a proud ex-user of mCent and mCent browser. It is a great way to earn points and redeem it to recharge talk time on the phone. At first, it was a single app called ‘mCent’ where you can download an app, register or perform said functions and get said amount as points. Upon depositing a minimum amount needed to redeem the points, say 100 points for a Rs 10 recharge on your phone, you can process it after reaching the threshold or you can wait for few more days, install few more apps and get bonuses on it. The developers of mCent are back with ‘mCent Browser’ which although might not be the greatest browser to use but it definitely pays you for your browsing and surfing on the web.

The first-look
When you open the app, it prompts you to enter your phone number, verifies it with an OTP and detects the telecom circle you are in as it’s login process. Once the app is started, you would find it to be an amalgamation of both Google Chrome and UC Browser but it is more than that. On the top right corner, you can see the points collected and on the top left corner, you can find referrals bonuses if you can make any.

The rest of the app is similar to UC Browser as said. There are 10 speed dial icons and here’s a tip, when you visit any website listed on the speed dial, you get double the points that you would earn when using any other website either by searching on Google Search or entering the URL of the same. There is a page on the latest news and stories that might be annoying but it is a part of the app and similar to any other browser nowadays.

Next is the menu bar at the bottom. there is an option to back or forward the web page or you can click on ‘tabs’ icon to open new normal and incognito tabs. Further, you can opt to drive back to the homepage of the app directly without having to tap on the back button a number of times. Finally, there is a menu button denoted by three vertically placed lines which give you access to bookmarks, history, downloads, night mode, and yes, the Ad Block mode which blocks the majority of ads displayed on the browser without curtailing the points you would earn whilst browse.

How does it work?
It is simply to use. Once you open the mCent Browser, tap on any speed dial icon or tap on the URL bar to enter any web address like ‘’ and search. This would open the website and a specific amount of points will be collected in the wallet. Although it might not reflect at real-time, you can expect it to view after a few seconds. There is a ‘dollar’ icon on the top right side of the screen to view the wallet with points accumulated.

Here, you can add another SIM card if you want since you can recharge talk time to only those phone numbers which are enlisted here. You can check for all your past activities and the number of points/coins accumulated, deposited, and withdrawn. Want to earn more coins? Swipe to ‘Earn More’ section and you’ll spot a number of things that you can earn from. First is to invites who are not on mCent and download it using your referral ID or code or the link you sent cause you earn 25,000 points on each referral. Note that the points that you can earn via referrals do change over time to you need to act fast.

You might be familiar with daily check-in where you can get points when you check-in every day in a row for 10 days on mCent. You can earn almost 2,200 points when you are complete with 10 check-ins (once a day each). Lastly, there are bonus points that you can check in this section.

How to recharge talk time?
Since you have already fed the phone number, circle, and telecom carrier, mCent will scan through the list of available recharge packs and allow you to select after you have accumulated the said points. When I tried it with my Idea SIM card, I had to accumulate 99,500 points to redeem a Rs 199/- recharge pack. The recharge amount and points needed to redeem could differ from carrier-to-carrier but I am optimistic that mCent has discontinued single two digits recharges like Rs 10 or even Rs 99 and have shifted to triple digit recharge amount like the Rs 199/- recharge pack which was at the top when I tried it.

Accumulating points isn’t an easy task since it would take good hours to accumulate the minimum threshold which is 99,500 in my case. But if you browse too much or can arrange a time to accumulate that staggering points required, you can recharge the phone with it without any risk since mCent really works as opposed to other apps like Ladoo, True Balance, etc. I would assume a waiting period of at least a month (assuming that you haven’t shared the link to anyone) to accumulate the points and redeem it but it is worth because you are earning when browsing whereas it isn’t a thing with any other web browsing app. You can check out the mCent Browser app here!!!

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