Master Blaster training his son for SA tour


After the retirement from International Cricket, Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar wants his son Arjun Tendulkar to be in the game and engage him in training. He is going to lead ‘Under 18’ team of the Mumbai Worli, Cricket Club from November 2 to 15 in South Africa.

“Like his father, Arjun is a keen learner and has been part of our club for the last two years,” Avinash Kadam, owner of Worli Cricket Club informed yesterday. “Few reputed schools from Johannesburg, Pretoria and Potchefstroom are planned to take part in the tour and are rescheduled to play ten matches making up of 45 overs each.”

Moreover, Sachin Tendulkar attempted two tours to England in 1988 and 1989 with Star Cricket Club, which made him such a class player before selected for India at tender age of 16.  Arjun follows his way to get training as captaincy of 16 to 18 age group team.

Recently, Sachin showed his apprehensiveness that too much care on his son’s career may push him lost his brilliance for cricket. However, Arjun Tendulkar has already proven his expertness scoring 118 runs in 42 balls in a Mumbai under-16 school tournament, last month.

A left-arm seamer and left-handed opening batsman, Arjun was the top scorer during Worli’s Cricket Club in the last visit in South Africa, where he showed his talent with some good knocks.

“Such trips are crucial because most of our cricketers only play in Mumbai. They have no avenues to play in different conditions. A trip like this provides excellent exposure to these youngsters. It gives them a sense of playing on faster wickets,” said Kadam. “Those who are financial well off, pay for their trip. We look for sponsors for those who cannot afford it.”

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