Maruti Swift & Datson Go fail crash tests by global NCAP

The most popular and highest selling hatchback of India, Maruti Swift, and the newbie entry level hatchback, Datson Go (a subsidiary company by Nissan), have both failed in the crash tests conducted by  the Global New Car Assessment Program (Global NCAP). In a statement, Global NCAP said “a high risk of life-threatening injuries with both cars receiving zero-star safety rating for their adult occupant protection”.

Global NCAP is the international body, which rates the cars on their safety on roads. It is mandatory for all cars, including their base variants, tomust carry at least airbags and ABS to get the certification from Global NCAP.

The Maruti Swift available in India does not come with airbags or ABS as standard in all the variants, and the car tested was a base variant. It has thus received a zero star rating in the 64km/h frontal collision test. Also, it hadreceived a zero-star rating in the assessment program for adult occupant safety, and one star for child occupant safety.Global NCAP said that “The driver received near-fatal injuries because of the lack of airbags (based on the readings from the crash test dummy),” and also mentioned about poor integrity of the chassis. Since the Europe-made Swift has a sturdier structure and safety features like ABS and Air-Bags in all variants, thus it had received a 5-Star crash certification from Euro-NCAP.

The Datson Go was even more unsafe than the Swift. It also scored zero-star safety rating for their adult occupant protection due to lack of Air-Bags and ABS. Global NCAP stated that the chassis had a very poor integrity and even the addition of Air-Bags and ABS wouldn’t improve its safety score due to it.The test dummies received fatal injuries to the head, torso and legs. It however scored 2 stars for child occupant safety because of the Child Restraint System.


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