Is ‘Makdee’ star Shweta Basu involved is sex racket?


The cute child and charm of film ‘Makdee’, actress Shweta Basu Prasad, found herself in great difficulty after being arrested due to her involvement in a sex racket. According to our sources, police had raided a renowned hotel in Banjara Hills and arrested the actress Shweta Basu Prasad there.An unknown person tipped police about this racket and on behalf of that police took immediate action and ended up raiding the hotel. Unknowingly Shweta was there with many businessmen who  underwent in custody with her.

Shweta was arrested in September by the Hyderabad police and was kept at a rescue room and was not allowed to have any contact with her family. She was released after a session court in Nampliay ordered to release her on 31 October and allowed her to stay with her family till further investigation.

Shweta rebuts after coming out from rescue home stated that she is going to track down that journalist who had attributed a statement about her arrest on her behalf.

Shweta gave her statement furiously saying “I’ve friends in the film industry. I am well-connected. I’ve been auditioning for roles even when this (the arrest) happened. I’ve spent three-and-half-years of my life making a documentary on Hindustani classical music. I turned down roles after my first Tamil film as a leading lady was a hit because I wanted to focus on my documentary. Now that it’s in post-production I want to concentrate on my acting. So I want to know which doors were being closed? Such shallow emotions and vocabulary! Any sane person would have seen it’s made up. I can’t understand how it was used everywhere as my statement.”

After being in rescue home for nearly two months, Shweta volunteered as a teacher for Hindi, English and Hindustani classical music and spent her time by involving with victims present there.

While being optimistic on her coming future Shweta told to our reporters, ” I am completely unaffected by the entire episode. I now see how futile and unnecessary it was. I am glad to be alive and kicking and raring to go. Life looks beautiful and hopeful.”

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