LinkedIn goes off App store and Play Store in Russia

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Now world’s leading professional networking service LinkedIn will no longer be available to Russian people as directed by the Russian national government. This decision came into action after LinkedIn violated Government’s regulation to store data on Russian people within Russia.

To carry out the same, both Apple and Google have been directed to remove the LinkedIn app from their application stores in Russia. Russian government started blocking LinkedIn in last November after a new law has been amended that reads any company holding data on Russians house that data within Russia. This shows the willingness of major operating system service providers to keep working on the wish line of National Government to avoid any future threat to them.

According to a recent report by The New York Times, Apple confirmed that it has already been directed since last month to stop providing the application service of Linked In on their platform. On the other hand, search engine giant Google has not confirmed yet on the action but said it will strictly work on the direction led by Russian authorities.

This is not the first, as there are many such past experiences that these application service providers have faced. For instance, on the direction of Chinese authorities, Apple had removed New York Times from its app store earlier this week. The action came, as the Chinese govt claimed New York Times violating their law. After the ban, Facebook is also planning to create a version that will go well with the direction of Chinese govt.

Insiders are directing a different reason for which LinkedIn got targeted by Russian govt. According to them, LinkedIn has fewer users, just about 6 million, as compared to other sites. That’s why it was easy for the govt to take action upon.  In response to this, LinkedIn has expresses its disappointment.

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