Khamoshiyan Review: The horror of boredom

Khamoshiyan: The horror of boredom

Khamoshiyan has had some advantage over other releases of the day due to its A-certification and erotic thriller genre.

The film is directed by Karan Darra and stars Gurmeet Choudhary, Ali Fazal, and Sapna Pabbi. This movie was a debut for Sapna Pabbi and Gurmeet both, who has been working as a TV star until now.

This is a story about a flop writer who is desperately searching for a new story to make a comeback. His search leads him to a hotel in Kashmir where he meets Mira, a mysterious woman who owns the hotel and takes no charges for staying at her hotel at all. Mira tries to seduce him on their very first meet. Then comes the clichéd suspicious situations that lead to ghost fights and secrets being revealed. Gurmeet has been casted with a negative role.

Good songs, visual effects and the unexpected twists and turns are probably the reasons for the movie to have a scarcely populated theater. Apart from that, nothing at all is in this film’s favor.

What didn’t do for the movie was the entire script that was not at all scary. The supposedly steamy scenes were not at all what the audience was promised. The acting of the stars has been rated as pathetically sad. The horror scenes are instances of serials like Aahat and Shhhh…Koi Hai. The script also is a redundancy of Bhatt camp’s previous film- Creature 3D.

The film fails to ignite fear or erotic-feeling among the audience. Some viewers went as far as commenting that this movie was a waste of their precious two hours of life. A few were seen leaving the theaters during interval.

Our verdict is that one can watch this movie if they have the patience or huge fan crush over any of the stars, else if one is going merely for horror or pleasure, they might be up for a huge disappointment.

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