Ketogenic diet can help improve eyesight apart from losing weight

Although the diet plans of Ketogenic and low-carb are on the rise for their unlimited benefits such as weight loss and healthy lifestyle these days, a new study proves that these diets can be beneficial for improving eyesight as well. These diet plans are helpful in maintaining the vision in glaucoma patients. Glaucoma is considered as a progressive disease where the cells that transmit the visual data to the brain tend to damage gradually. If glaucoma is not treated in time, it can result in vision impairment and even more extreme conditions like blindness.

Diabetic patients are more likely to develop glaucoma than normal healthy people which makes a connection between glaucoma and metabolic stress that you might want to know. According to the new study, the low-carb and high-fat diets help protect the retinal cells from degenerating. Although it requires profound research, experts believe that maintaining a Ketogenic diet not only helps in maintaining body weight but also helps improve vision in the glaucoma patients.

The low-carb diets are as popular as the Ketogenic diets in today’s date. Some people believe that a low-carb diet increases the risk of CVD whereas some believe it is the best way to lose weight. If you follow the diet as it directed by the dieticians, it can help you lose weight at the earliest. Low-fat and Ketogenic diets also have numerous other benefits as well such as they kill your hunger pangs, reduce belly fat, increase good cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure levels, fight metabolic syndrome, and reduce the levels of triglycerides, etc.

The study has been published in the J Neurosci Journal where it shows how a feeding mice model genetically modified to generate glaucoma. A Ketogenic diet consists of 90 percent fat that is given for two months that protect retinal cells from getting degenerated by the increased availability of energy. Experts believe that maintaining a healthy Ketogenic diet not only reduces weight, maintains your blood pressure but also improves your vision. The study requires a lot more investigation and research, experts say. Researchers had to say that the findings, however, show that a Ketogenic diet can certainly help in maintaining the eyesight in patients suffering from glaucoma.

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