Kazakhstan Nuclear Weapons Test Site - Nuclear Security Summit

Kazakhstan enters into its 25th year fighting against WMD threats

The inventions of science have benefited human civilization as well as deprived it of the inherent gift of nature. The proliferation of weapons beginning from the Stone Age has led to the massive hoarding of nuclear weapons. Government all over the world must address this rising menace in order to present a sustainable and secure environment for the future generations.

The most profound example of Governments undertaking initiatives to inhibit the risks of nuclear weapons can be observed in the case of Kazakhstan, who is going to celebrate its 25th anniversary for global security. 25th years ago, in this December Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s end the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Weapons Test Site, which facilitated the first Soviet trial of an atomic weapon in 1949 and 455 take after on tests.

Nazarbayev’s announcement started the nation’s way far from atomic arms and dispatched what might get to be more than two many years of promotion for the extreme assignment of averting nuclear and biological fighting. Kazakhstan delivers an exceptional width of counter-WMD activities led by a single nation. It surrendered nuclear weapons, destroyed a substantial scale organic weapons program, and took various ways to deal with atomic security, not only for its own nation but for ensuring the global security.

It also includes the removal of perilous materials and securing other setups. In order to expand its previous attempt to bring up tranquility, Kazakhstan adds to territorial and worldwide endeavors to diminish present and future WMD dangers by facilitating a global atomic fuel bank and a sickness control lab extraordinarily intended to lessen organic and well being security risks.

To recall this occasion, everyone should take a look back at Kazakhstan’s 25 years of effort for plummeting weapons of mass destruction (WMD) threats.

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