Is Kangana Ranaut actually highest-paid actress in India? ‘It’s no one’s business,’ she says

Is Kangana Ranaut actually highest-paid actress in India? 'It's no one’s business,' she says

Kangana Ranaut a self-built up woman, known for her versatile acting and also one of the highest paid actresses from Bollywood. Kangana Ranaut is always in controversy due to her films or her relationships or her straightforward behaviour. We all know Kangana as a strong personality and a fab actress. Kangana also won many awards like National Film Award, Filmfare awards and more.

Now again she is in controversy due to her interview with media at Blender’s pride Manish Arora’s show.  Miss Queen star is looking gorgeous in neon green blouse and pink lehenga. It is said that now Kangana Ranaut is demanding 15 crores per film. Well, the exact figures are still not known. But if everything goes in her favour than she will beat all other actresses in the range of payment.

Some of the sources are reporting that it is just a rumour, while, some are confidently revealing that Kangana has raised her prices and get them fixed for the producers. When asked about the rumours, a defensive Kangana neither confirmed nor denied the speculation. In an interview, she says, “How much I charge is no one’s business. It is only for me to know.”

According to datasets, Deepika Padukone is the highest earning actress with 10-12  crores per film followed by Kangana Ranaut with 10-11 crores per film and many other actresses like Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra.

In an interview, Kangana Ranaut says that “I think the kind of films and roles I do takes a whole year… I think it is justified. At some point, we have to come to that place where we are equally paid. It is a small step… we are headed towards the direction.”

Now, Kangana Ranaut is all set for her next movie based on  real life story named “Rani Laxmi Bai”. Rani Laxmi Bai was the queen of Maratha, one of the leading figure against British rule. It is a sign of power for women, so watching such a strong biopic will be interesting and pride moment. Commenting on the movie, the filmmaker Ketan Mehta says, “Kangana will be seen in new looks in the film. It is a historical character and she will undergo a lot of training in sword-fighting and horse-riding.”

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