Israel upset as Sweden recognizes Palestinian state

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-TeCake- Sweden officially recognized Palestine as an entirely new state. Moreover, this was done within a month after the government revealed its intentions to do so.

This will be now the largest among the Western European nations. Moreover, is second overall, after Iceland.

Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom said, “Today the government takes the decision to recognise the state of Palestine,”she said, “It is an important step that confirms the Palestinians’ right to self-determination,” she further added “we hope that this will show the way for others.”

Palestinians were cheered for this decision while Israel’s moved to protest and expressed their disappointment from their government.

“the Swedish government must understand that relations in the Middle East are more complex than one of Ikea`s flat-pack pieces of furniture, and would do well to act with greater sensitivity and responsibility.” Liberman said, “such measures only bolstered the Palestinians` unrealistic demands and delayed an agreement.”

Already seven of the EU members in eastern European and the Mediterranean have accepted Palestinian state- Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Malta, Poland and Romania.  Moreover, Iceland being a non-EU member have also done so.

In yesterday’s announcement, Sweden’s foreign minister said, “the government considers that international law criteria for recognition of a Palestinian state have been fulfilled.”

Palestinian authorities are trying a lot to put pressure on Israel to end the conflict in Gaza. The United Nations General Assembly voted to recognize Palestine as a new state that was now implemented.

“This decision is a message to Israel and its practices in response to the continued occupation of the land,” he said. “We ask that the countries of the world follow Sweden’s example.”

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