iOS 12.1 will resolve iPhone XS/XS Max ‘beautygate’ issue

iOS 12.1 will resolve iPhone XS/XS Max 'beautygate' issue

Apple launched its iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR on September 12 and a week later, it went on for pre-orders and the next week, the iPhones were ready to be shipped. As soon as people got their hands on iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, they begin noticing something’s fishy about these iPhones. Firstly, it was the battery charging problem or ‘ChargeGate’ that was kind of resolved in the iOS 12.0.1 although the version had its own bugs to resolve too.

Fast forward to a video posted by Lewis on its YouTube channel ‘Unbox Therapy’ where he discussed how the photos clicked by front-facing camera on iPhone XS and XS Max had beauty filter by default. In fact, Lewis found out that the photos seem much smoother and beautified compared to the much classic iPhone X which is currently on par excellence. The problem soon was christened as ‘BeautyGate’ which is a reference to the Samsung’s beautification filters and it seems like most of the smartphone brands especially from China are using this feature a lot.

Back to the ‘BeautyGate’ problem, Apple has released a public beta version of its upcoming iOS 12.1 which tends to resolve the problem once and for it. The problem was caused because of a bug in its smart HDR system where the feature took a base frame for HDR processing which is something captured with long shutter speed while it indeed must select a frame shot with a short shutter speed. This debacle caused the phone to capture an unstabilized, blurred photo captured with a longer shutter speed which resulted in fused and smoother image with the lack of facial details.

Well, the iOS 12.1 will fix the bug by promoting the smart HDR system to pick out the frame with a shorter shutter speed so that the details are preserved giving the much-anticipated iPhone X-like detailed photos without any glitch. The version is still in public beta and would take some time to roll out officially after it is tested to fix the ‘BeautyGate’ problem once and for all.

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