Increase in suicide rates reported among youth, especially girls

According to the latest reports from the media, it is truly shocking to believe that the suicide rate among the teens and kids has increased up to 70 percent from 2006 to 2018. Kids between the age group 10 to 17 are in attempting suicide across the world and the number is higher in the case of girls than of boys. Tim DeWeese said that in all his years of community mental health, he has never been afraid to open his email in the morning that today when he opens his inbox, all he sees is new cases of kid suicide cases and homicide or someone has been shot.

DeWeese has been associated with Johnson County Mental Health for more than 20 years and has seen a huge difference since the time he started. According to the data, it has been reported that girls commit suicide more than boys do and the rate of suicide cases from the past has increased to 77 percent in a decade.

When you look at the cases in Kansas alone, the suicide rate has risen than the national average and the most number of cases are reported from Johnson County. It is reported that every day more than one Kansan commits suicide. DeWeese believes that there could be numerous contributing factors for the suicide cases among youth. He also stated that there is a lack of availability of mental health resources in the country. The state or the country has not put much effort into building mental health treatment for the people.

The mark of infamy around the term ‘mental health’ might be playing the crucial role as well.  DeWeese was also reported saying that when they see the mass shootings occur or anything bad happening in the country, immediately that person says that the person doing all this has a mental illness. Although it does not concerns that much but it certainly stigmatizes mental illness. Proper medical help, education, and awareness among the parents and children should be provided across the world regarding suicides and homicides in order to reduce the risk of young children falling into the situations. Parents and teachers need to learn the possible things when children come to them for help and ask for assistance.

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