Alien on Mars? NASA spots huge alien crater on the red planet!

Images of suspicious 'alien head' crater named Chryse Alien Head spotted on Mars

An image recently circulated across the internet showing a huge crater on the red planet Mars released by NASA in 2005. The agency named the crater ‘Chryse Alien Head’ which is simply what it says. The crater resembles the shape of an alien head. The image was captured by Mars Global Surveyor and NASA stated that it is located not too far from the landing site of NASA’s 1975 Viking I mission to Mars.

The crater seems to have formed due to the impacts of asteroids while its mysterious bug eyes might have formed due to water and wind erosion that occurred during the history of Mars. But it isn’t a new image. It was officially published in 2005, however, thanks to the efforts of Scott C Warring, a UFO hunter, an article carrying this particular image soon begin to spread like wildfire and soon thousands of people read the stories posted by various tabloids in the online news portal. According to Warring, this image can be instrumental in providing evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life. The ridges formed on the supposedly bug-eyed alien head on its forehead are unique and never before seen the feature.

Named by NASA as Chryse Alien Head, a popular tabloid swiftly associated with Cerne Abbas Giant which is a figure drawn with chalk showing a male with an erected penis where the figure is located on the hill near the village of Cerne Abbas in Dorset, England.

NASA posted an official statement stating that the eye-like feature formed at the north end of the crater has two depression caused due to water or when erosion. Further, it stated that the crater region was modified by wind in the recent history and water erosion when flood flowed from Maja Valles to Chryse Planitia in the past history.

It is not the first time a suspicious figure has been seen on the red planet. For instance, an Elvis-like figure was seen on the Mars. Then, a woman-like a figure was seen in several instances and a bear-like figure was seen too.

It is not the first time that NASA and other people have spotted some strange object in the images shot by the Curiosity rover. Previously, many alien enthusiasts that believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life have spotted several mysterious objects on the Martian surface including goblin face, army camp, spoon, lizard, and much more. However, the discovery of Gautam Buddha statueon the red planet caught most attention which suggested that aliens on Mars are not only intelligent but they follow a culture just like we humans do on Earth.

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