Huawei ban delays by 90 days; Founder states how U.S. underestimate the tech gaint

Huawei ban delays by 90 days; Founder states how U.S. underestimate the tech gaint

Last week, Trump administration signed an executive order thereby banning a few companies from selling their products and services in the U.S. Followed by the ban, U.S. Department of Commerce joined the wagon by issuing a blacklist known as ‘Entity List’ which contains few companies with an immediately effective ban which includes one of the biggest smartphone manufacturer Huawei among 68 other companies.

Yesterday, White House declared that it would allow an exemption of 90 days from today ending on August 19 wherein U.S. companies can prepare for the future ban by replacing Huawei’s networking components as well as other services. Although a number of telcos including AT&T and Verizon adhered the ban right away, rural carriers are finding it difficult to replace systems from Huawei which are cost-effective. Of all, Huawei’s founder Ren Zhengfei has put a number of claims and allegations on the Trump administration as well as the U.S. whereby he stated how the country underestimates the brand.

Ren further added how a conflict with the United States was imminent sooner or later and how the Chinese tech giant has already prepared for the ban. Although the White House mentioned that the cause of ban on Huawei in the United States is due to its involvement in a bank fraud that took place in Iran, it is not a surprise that the country thinks Huawei’s close allies with the Chinese government could raise a national security risk and thus, putting a ban on all Huawei services and products would actually put an end to the situation.

Ren was reportedly recorded saying how the 90 days reprieval period doesn’t affect the tech giant and how the ban imposed by the U.S. along with some of its allies will actually put Huawei into the forefront of the 5G networks by giving it an advantage by almost two to three years.

Soon after the order was passed, Google revoked all upcoming Android updates support to Huawei and Honor products. It was only after the 90-day delay in the action that Google resorted to keeping the handsets supported until the period ends on August 19 when it will be up to Huawei to act upon further by releasing its own OS which reportedly does exist. Note that all existing Huawei and Honor smartphones already sold as well as those certified to launch in this 90-day window will be exempted although they might not receive any further Android updates.

Previous, U.S. asked all its federal officials not to employ any Huawei services and products fearing potential surveillance from the Chinese government although it wasn’t proved. Huawei is currently among the big names when it comes to 5G networks as its technology is advanced and cost-effective compared to others. Huawei smartphones were already banned in the U.S. as well as few other countries and post-ban, the U.S. seems to pressurize its allies to do the same. Germany, on the other hand, has hands down refused to levy any ban on the brand as per the report is concerned. Qualcomm and Intel which are two of the many suppliers when it comes to components for chipsets and modems have suspended the shipment as well. The story is developing and there’s more to discuss here.

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