How to Change Location on Tinder iOS

In this article I will discuss with details about how to change location on tinder iOS or iPhone. Now, it’s time to understand a way to amendment location on kindling for iOS devices. Here, you furthermore might have varied choices to pretend GPS kindling. Let’s have a glance at some!

How is it doable to pretend GPS Tinder?

No matter your actual location is, the GPS can simply stick with it. It’s a trickster activity to pretend GPS kindling to any favorable location across the world. For this, you wish to use the feature ‘Enable Mock Locations’ gift within the choice of ‘Developer Settings’ on humanoid devices. Here, you’ll place in any location like Australia, the USA, Rome, or Paris. By doing therefore, you’ll fancy superiority on keeping the identity extraordinarily secured with namelessness and complete privacy.

Pretend GPS kindling from the pc

For iOS devices, there are not any without delay out there applications to transfer from App Store for spoofing the GPS location, not like humanoid. For putting in place a pretend location on kindling, there’s an obsessive system application known as dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS). This tool is very reliable and options countless superb characteristics as:

  • dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS) is sort of easy to use and permits you to mock the GPS location all across the world.
  • This application can disguise kindling. Mistreatment this application, users will unlock all new profiles within the desired location while not shopping for kindling Gold.
  • With this superb pretend GPS kindling app, users will alter their location anyplace anytime and plenty of times as they like.
  • It will even be used for simulating the movement between 2 or additional locations at the pace of your alternative.
  • To pretend GPS kindling mistreatment this tool, there’s no demand of jailbreaking your iOS devices.
  • dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS) is compatible with all the newer iOS models.

Get dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS)

This application works utterly for spoofing GPS on kindling or taking part in location-based AR games. Here’s a way to amendment location on kindling with dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS).

Step 1: first of all, connect your device to the pc and open the dr.fone application. From its home interface, choose the feature ‘Virtual Location‘. Now, the virtual location interface can open up. Now, conform to its terms and faucet on the tab ‘Get Started‘tab to begin off.

Step 2: currently, a map-like interface are going to be launched on your screen. Here, you’ll read this location and different choices too. To pretend GPS kindling, visit the ‘Teleport Mode‘ gift at the correct corner of your screen. Here, you’ll notice any location mistreatment the search bar for GPS spoofing.

Step 3: when you’ve got place in an exceedingly new location, the pin can drop on that. Regulate this pin consequently then, faucet on the tab ‘Move Here‘for dynamic your GPS location. Now, your locations can amendment with success on your iOS device. It’ll even show on the dr.fone interface too.

For checking it, users will open GPS applications like Maps on their iPhone and check their mock GPS location on kindling.


So, these square measure some completely different ways to pretend GPS kindling. Now, you are doing not need to think a way to amendment location on kindling. For humanoid devices, you’ll use applications like everyplace, Tinder+ feature, and pretend GPS location. For iOS devices, the simplest application to pretend GPS kindling is dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS). Transfer this application and pretend the placement on kindling to urge awe-inspiring matches

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