How modern smartphone tech has provided a silver lining during lockdown

The coronavirus lockdown might have a few silver linings. Having been told to stay at home, finding things to occupy us, has become increasingly reliant on the smartphone technology at our fingertips. It means we’re inadvertently discovering new things we previously didn’t realize were right there at our fingertips, helping us work, socialize and entertain ourselves.

Communicating, delegating and working at the “home office”

Smartphone tech has certainly had a positive impact on the “home office”. For some new to working from home, embracing apps they wouldn’t have considered previously has actually increased productivity. For example, the boardroom has become a virtual platform with video-calling applications, while time management has been aided by apps which allow colleagues to interact, see assigned work and projects, and add notes.

People have also discovered how new smartphone technology can enhance hobbies or help us to start new ones. Most of these are free. For example, one app gives novice photographers the tools to enhance their pictures with various editing processes and the opportunity to create their own memes, while another puts a full recording studio into the palms of users eager to be the next rock sensation. And as we spend more time on our mobile devices than watch TV nowadays, the smartphone is also the go-to place for gaming entertainment.

Immersive entertainment

iGaming, an industry which already performed strongly with smartphone users, is a benefactor of this modern technology with the development of the interactive live casino. Many of the leading operators such as Genesis Casino, which also offer classics like video slots and table games, have introduced this form of gaming which sees players enjoy a more realistic social experience at table games like poker and roulette with a real dealer and ability to chat with fellow guests.

The live casino is a great example of how modern technology is advancing the way we’re able to play games. It’s unsurprising to see the mobile gaming market being so successful during lockdown given the latest advances in tech. Indeed, what might have surprised new players is how 2020’s top games boast high-definition graphics and immersive gameplay once only seen on powerful PCs and leading consoles.


Modern tech might also help us save money after coronavirus. For instance, people have embraced apps designed to help us stay active and healthy during lockdown. There’s an abundance of apps designed to easily and effectively manage workouts that can be done at home. Could this replace a gym membership in future? Meanwhile, many have embraced retailer apps for their supermarket shopping which some argue helps budgeting and can therefore cut a household’s food-shopping bills.

Smartphone tech has proven to be hugely beneficial and has provided a silver lining during lockdown. From companies introducing video conferencing on an unprecedented scale to the value of apps which can help enhance our hobbies, and the powerful software that is bringing us new ways to entertain ourselves, lockdown has enticed us to embrace tech in ways we perhaps didn’t realise we could. At the very least, 2020 is the year we all began to acknowledge the implications and advantages of today’s groundbreaking smartphone software, inevitably discovering some exciting new things along the way.

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