How is Uber Freight Supporting the Fight Against COVID-19?


With the current Covid-19 pandemic, most of countries around the world have announced complete lockdown for an indefinite time. Millions of people are struggling to stay afloat, as many individuals are losing their jobs and are unable to support their families.

As health and safety have become the top priority for the world, some businesses are trying to help those in need. Reports reveal that Uber is now using the latest technologies to serve and support the vulnerable throughout America. At the same time, this business is playing an active role in providing essential services to frontline health workers following the nationwide partnership with the World Central Kitchen and Feeding America platforms. These services are proven to be highly beneficial for the elderly that are not able to maintain access to stores or delivery services. Uber Freight has now introduced a new phone booking feature to makes the process easier for those in need. Additionally, Uber Freight is offering 24×7 hour service andare providing facilities to the millions of people with site-specific operational requirements. Beyond food, Uber is also providing people with medical supplies, water and other essential items.

It’s clear Uber Freight is helping and supporting communities during the fight against coronavirus. Below we have highlighted a few points describing their services and determination to serve theircustomers:

Meal delivery services:

Uber Freight has developed a healthy partnership with Feeding America which has a nationwide network of around 200 food banks. This network made it easier for Uber Freight to deliver meals to families, homebound elderly people and many others. At the same time, they are also launching new food banks in many other cities like San Francisco, NYC, Tampa and Oakland as well. This expansion will make it easier to ensure timely food delivery to customers.

AlongsideUber Freight, Uber Eats is also helping to develop reliable food delivery facilities to make food distribution easier. Uber Eats has teamed up with World Central Kitchen to deliver more than 300,000 meals to the frontline healthcare workers and vulnerable populations. With this partnership, Uber Eats has developed an effective operational infrastructure where other restaurants can join serving meals in bulk. Uber is employing large-capacity vehicles to send meals to hospitals and elderly homes. World Central Kitchen is also expanding its delivery services to other areas such as, Newark, Bronx, Dallas, San Jose, Atlanta, Miami, Detroit, and Chicago as well.

Supporting relief fund for small shippers:

Reports reveal that thousands of shippers are dependent on the Uber Freight shipping platform. Most of these businesses are responsible for taking essential goods such as sanitization supplies, medical equipment, water and food to different locations across the United States. At present, the FMCSA hours-of-service suspension scheme is working effectively; it is said that all the relief loads that are booked via the Uber Freight platform will be hauled at zero profit pricing. This effort to lower the transportation cost will help to support the small shippers that are serving the community during this global pandemic.

Meal services for drivers:

The supply chain industries are working hard to serve the community during this pandemic,however, drivers have been facing considerable challenges as the restrictions from the lockdown have been preventing access to food on their long-haul delivery trips.

Well, Uber Freight has finally taken the responsibility to help drivers to access hot meals along the way. Drivers can order meals via the Uber Freight app, and it will be delivered at an affordable price.  Uber is keen to positively support the supply chain industry, and these kind gestures are showing great results in many states.

Business Insider states, “As truckers become more indispensable, Uber Freight, the truck-brokerage arm of the ride-hailing giant, rolled out several initiatives on Monday aimed at making their jobs easier. One move for Uber Freight is to provide truck drivers on its platform with a $US20 Uber Eats credit once a week. “With increasing regional lockdowns and fewer restaurant options available, we’ve heard from our driver community that accessing food while on the road is growing increasingly difficult.”

Maintaining safety for small carriers:

Uber Freight states, “We are working with manufacturers and distributors to provide drivers and delivery people with disinfectants, and have started to distribute disinfectant sprays and ear-loop face masks. We’re prioritizing the most active drivers in a few cities, and are working to secure more supplies as they become commercially available. Thousands of sanitation kits will also be sent to small carriers that use the Uber Freight platform.”

Many small carriers reported that they are finding it difficult to obtain sanitization materials for various equipment. Uber Freight has also decided to serve these businesses to maintain their carriers and ensure their safety during thispandemic. Uber Freight is now delivering thousands of sanitization kits to various carriers around the country. The supplies are being distributed directly to those in need.

Uber Freight’s services have proven quite useful for the United States during this pandemic. They are ensuring unmatchable convenience and service to vulnerablecommunities. By developing healthy relationships with key partners, Uber Freight is making it possible to extend their service range to every part of the country. Moreover, they are using the latest technologies to enhance the efficiency of their sophisticated supply chain systems.

Many experienced logistics professionals are making use of TMS software to handle the orders and supplies of food during this hour of emergency. This software makes it easier to keep track of all the delivery vans while maintaining adequate records of the inventory. TMS software makes it easier to manage the warehouse for the supply chain industry and ensure that the entire team stays well connected during a crisis. This system can also be combined with other technologies to set up healthy conversations with the employees, warehouse teams and the delivery service providers. In short, Uber Freight is making a great effort to bring the population out of the dark and into the light during this devastating pandemic.

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