How Businesses Can Leverage the Use of Text Messaging Services to Improve Their Customer Service

Unless you have an innovative business idea that is bound to bring about a change in the business environment, starting a business can be highly competitive, with competitors striving to grab a portion of the market share.

What do businesses need to do to gain a competitive advantage and remain sustainable over the long haul?

Well, one of the recommended ways that businesses can improve their business operations is streamlining their communication channels, as communication plays a vital role in improving customer service.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Imagine reaching out to a company with an inquiry expecting a fast and prompt reply, only to get one three days later.

How frustrating would that be? Customers desire prompt replies whenever they have an inquiry, as it shows a company’s commitment to their clients and customers. Fast handling of customer service inquiries not only helps build rapport with customers but also aids in building customer loyalty.

A business’s sales margin can also gyrate as a result of satisfied customers promoting your company’s brand by word of mouth.

This is referred to as referral marketing. One good way businesses can use to boost their customer service levels is through prioritizing the use of business text messaging services from vendors such as boomerang messaging.

4 Top Ways in Which Businesses Can Use SMS to Boost Their Customer Service Levels

Request for Customer Feedback

In the scenario that one of your customers has encountered an unpleasant experience with your business brand, you need to strive to gauge customer satisfaction levels by using text messaging polls.

When customers submit their polls to a business, it helps them come up with better ways of improving customer service levels. This will aid build the business’s brand image in a positive light.

Enables Customers to Interact with a Company

Having an open communication channel in your business can help you solve your customer’s problems in a prompt manner, which they prefer.

It has been discovered that the majority of customers worldwide prefer interacting with a business’s customer service agents by way of text messaging as opposed to phone calls in as far as dispute resolution is concerned.

Personalize Information Updates Effortlessly

There’s nothing as annoying to a customer as receiving a message, or an email addressed to them in the wrong name.

Businesses can use text messaging services to help them acquire information pertaining to a customer’s name, address, and phone numbers.

Storing this information can help businesses have a point of reference when they need to send out personalized messages to their esteemed clients and customers.

Dissemination of Promotional Codes

Taking the time to appreciate your customers long after they have made a purchase of your product and service offerings helps them feel valued.

Customers enjoy being recognized as part of a brand.

Thus, it is important that you follow up with your customers by sending a simple “thank you” message. As a business owner, you can also offer repeat customers offers, coupons, and discounts as this will keep them coming back to make purchases from your business.

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