Google search app in China might track user's phone number as well

Google search app in China might track user’s phone number as well

More than a month ago, a report surfaced on the web claiming Google’s explanatory work for the Chinese population. The project codenamed as ‘Dragonfly’ which is spearheaded and developed by a closed circuit of a few Google employees has sparked anguish among Google employees. The project Dragonfly is a search app based on Android OS that brings Google search engine back to China after its exit in 2010 but there ‘s something new that we have come around.

At first, we got to know about the Android-based app called Dragonfly (codenamed) that would be available in China soon. The search engine detects and blocks a plethora of keywords, phrases, and results related to ‘Nobel Prize’, ‘Student Protest’, ‘Human Rights’, and others. This would invoke the right to information which is the fundamental right of every human being but not when you are in China.

The secret project saw number of backlash such as when Jack Poulson, Google senior research scientist resigned from his position opposing Google’s decision to create a search app that not only controls the information being shown but also, it will be partly controlled and monitored by Chinese government who can backtrack the user in case if he/she indulges in any search which is banned. More than 1,400 Google employees signed up for demanding more information about this project.

To summarize why Google is taking this measure, China is a country with almost 1.7 billion people which is a huge chunk of ‘em having Android smartphone. Although Google was operating in China until 2010, it has to pull out its search services due to unwanted phishing attacks. Now that Google is considering an entry to adhere to the Chinese government and to top it off, the rules and regulations of the Chinese government have grown stronger ever since 2010.

Chinese government proposed that Google could operate in China but as per its strict guidelines and will have to wipe off results of keywords that aren’t in best of interest for the government. Also, Google has to partner with a Chinese company to operate freely while the Chinese government might be able to hover freely around the search data.

But here’s something new, it is a recent report from The Intercept, Google might track user’s phone numbers with every Google search he/she makes on the upcoming app that would enable the officials to track down the user for interrogation or even detection it is is something which the officials have deemed banned.

The Chinese government is known to manipulate weather and environment figures which is heavily populated and has been able to mast it with favorable results and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. It actively tracks people of Muslim minority living in Xinjiang to track their travel allowances concerned with their social security number. Although Google has stated that it is only experimenting with a similar app, it remains a question whether or not it will release it.

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