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Subway Surfers is one of the most popular games that have made a dominant market position. However, there is an addition to the pack, aka Subway Surfers Mumbai. If you’re searching for the APK version of this game, you have landed at the right place. Subway Surfers have more than 500 million and a place rating of 4.4 out of 5. This game is one of a kind and has plenty of features that you can rely upon to cross levels. Why don’t you check out all these features, so that you can understand the game better?

Details off subway surfers Mumbai mod apk

Name Subway Surfers Mumbai
Publisher Kiloo
Category Casual
Version 2.14.0
Size 187M
Cost Free
Compatibility Android 4.1

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Well, the game has given a tough competition to various other games including Temple run. Moreover, it has been played all over the globe, on android and iOS. Certainly, the players have been fascinated with the gameplay and amazing features of this game, which are incredibly amazing. As a result, it has gained popularity all along with the globe. Today, we have brought you the APK link of the game so that you can avail all the exciting features and lots of coins, without any trouble. The game is developed by Kiloo. It has a very simple gameplay- you need to run from the inspector and his dog. While you run, you get various coins in your way, which you need to collect. This seems to be the main motive, which can be fulfilled by various other features.

Above all, the game gives you boosters, magnets, jumping shoes and a lot more, by which you can collect coins. In addition, this version of the game provides you with everything unlocked, with all the features so that you can play like a champion. You might be thinking, what is unlocked in the game? There are various costumes that your character can bear, different boards and a lot more. However, all of these need to be purchased with the help of coins. In this game with APK, you get unlimited coins along with unlimited keys. These keys can be used when you are wasted or killed. Don’t you think it would be really easy making a high score, by using unlimited keys?

Other than that, the aesthetic appeal of the game is brilliant, where you get to know about Bombay, India. The streets are designed in a way, which makes you feel as if you are running on the tracks of Bombay. Certainly, their is colorful appearance all around you, with magnificent planes, amazing platforms and a lot more that you can explore. How can we forget the mystery box, which you get while you play the game? This could be one of the most amazing elements of this game, which is tough to find. In particular, the game has amazing graphics along with a stunning combination of colors. Therefore, it would never get you bored or dull. You can also challenge your friends and beat their high score, to make yourself a pro. Well, it is a blast of fun, excitement and challenges. It is a must-try game, try it yourself?

Features of subway surfers Mumbai Mod Apk

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride because all of these features are going to turn you upside down. This game has plenty of features, which you can avail of by downloading the link-

  1. Firstly, you get unlimited coins along with unlimited keys. You can use the coins to purchase skateboards, different suits and characters. Apart from this, the keys can be used to save your life when you are dead or exhausted.
  2. Moreover, with the help of this APK, you get everything unlocked, which could benefit your gameplay. Hence, you have all the suits, skateboards, characters which you can choose from.
  3. Above all, you get to take a tour of Bombay city, which appears to be excellent. The combination of colors and figures that have been used in the game is highly appealing.
  4. Certainly, the game is very challenging. You need to collect as many coins as possible with help of some accessories. Not only this, you are even supposed to collect hidden Easter eggs, to win rewards.
  5. You get the perfect opportunity to connect with your friends.
  6. In addition, you can connect with your social media friends, share your score on social media and hang out the whole evening playing the game.
  7. Above all, there are various weekly hunt prizes.
  8. Other than that, the game allows you to perform acrobatics and various movements and jumps by your character.
  9. Most importantly, it has a very simple user interface, where you can play the game just by sliding in tapping on your screen.
  10. Notably, this game is suitable for all sorts of players, for kids and adults also. It could be a stress burning activity if you are stressed and want to relax.

How to install Subway Surfers Mumbai Mod Apk

We have reached the most important part of this article. Downloading the game is not a big deal; it is a very simple process that you need to follow. In case you fail in downloading the game, re-try downloading again for the same link. The link is safe and working. It will not damage your device.

  1. Firstly, if you have any previous versions of the game uninstall it.
  2. After that, go to settings, privacy and allow download from unknown sources. With the help of this, you can download games from unknown sources easily.
  3. Moreover, make sure that your device has enough space, to download the game.
  4. Subsequently, download the file from the given link and process it
  5. Follow the instructions and install the game. You might see the icon floating on your screen.
  6. Finally, you have the game! Now, just sit back and relax. Don’t get caught by the officer or eaten up by the dog!


A game that has more than 500 million downloads, would definitely be interesting and fun to play. It has stunning features, which you cannot resist. In the original game, it becomes a hectic responsibility to earn coins and keys. But, now we are providing you with unlimited coins in keys, with everything unlocked. You can easily connect with your social media friends, share and flaunt your score with your friends. Moreover, you can even show off your costumes and characters, which are highly expensive and others cannot afford. It would be really fun, you should give it a try?

Frequently asked questions

1. Is this game free of cost?

Yes, the game is free of cost. You can avail all these exciting features without paying any amount.

2. How much space does the game require?

Being specific the game requires almost 200 MB‘s of your phone. Make sure that your device has enough space, before installing.

3. What are the mod features of the game?

The game has two important features, which can definitely boost your gameplay. Firstly, you get unlimited gold coins and keys which can enhance your journey. Secondly, all the characters are open, now you can choose any of them.

4. How is the game different from the original?

The original game does not have unlimited stuff along with only limited things unlocked. The APK provides you with everything unlocked and unlimited.

5. Is it safe to use the link?

Yes, it is safe to use the link. Downloading the game would not harm your device, and would not even overheat it. You need to stop stressing about technical complications and bugs

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