Game of Rummy – The Tale of Home to Screens

Whenever online gaming is discussed, it is counted as the reason behind the increased screen time of people of different age groups. However, it is often forgotten that online games are designed and developed with an aim of enhancing the skills of gamers. While fantasy sports and board games are becoming popular, card games continue to be one of the favourites of gamers. Playing card games involves the utilisation of a set of skills, which ultimately keeps the minds of the people active, especially these days when they remain at home the entire day without anything interesting to explore.

Of course, the benefits of playing online card games are many, but getting addicted to them for the sake of earning money is harmful. Money Control, therefore, recently published an article citing the reasons why online rummy needs to be regulated in a country like India.

Rummy – Part of the culture

Rummy is a card game that has remained a source of fun and excitement for ages. Whether it is only a get-together or a Diwali party, rummy has always been the first choice of making any event refreshing and memorable. In fact, the game is so played that it influences your cognitive aspects to a great extent, thereby improving your mental capabilities.

Being a part of the Indian culture, this card game became one of the firsts to be made available online. Fun, entertainment, and challenges – you have an opportunity to get all at once when it’s the game of rummy waiting for you on the table. From enhancing the observation skills to influencing the decision-making abilities, the game of rummy works in stimulating every aspect of one’s personality in one or the other way.

Online Rummy – The advanced version

With the wide popularity of the offline version of the game, developers focused on making available the online version. This advanced version merges the traditionality of the game while incorporating the technological features at the same time. With easy to navigate interface, you will have the best platform to play and win rummy.

The game has been so designed that the online version still remains a skill-based entertainment for gamers, which makes them storm their brains completely to win. It is a neutrally-designed platform that encourages fair and fool-proof play. One of the most significant features that make this online card gaming perfect for gamers is flexibility. You can play the game anywhere at any time.

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Offline Rummy & Online Rummy – The Difference

The 13-card game of rummy has transformed from being a traditional fun game to a technologically advanced source of virtual entertainment. Undoubtedly, a major population believes that offline rummy is better in all aspects. However, the social distancing era has transformed the thought-process of people and made them understand how online rummy serves to be the best way of helping gamers retain their socialising skills despite being distant apart from their near and dear ones.

The points where the online and offline rummy differs have been mentioned below to make you understand the reasons that made the game of rummy the tale of home to screens.


Remember, you had to have a bed or a table to accommodate four players at home to enjoy the game of rummy. The online version, on the other hand, can be played anywhere at any time irrespective of the device you are using. There are multiple online rummy apps compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows. Hence, you can play the game on whichever device you want. You can connect with friends and family virtually and partner with them for the contests and tournaments.


While the traditional game of rummy offered lots of fun, the variations in the game came up as an option only after the introduction of the online version of rummy. As an online gamer, you will be exposed to the different variants of the game, the basics of which need to be understood before you begin with the contests. The apps you associate with come with proper guidelines for you to understand how to proceed with the type of rummy you choose. Some of the rummy variants include pool rummy, deals rummy, points rummy, etc.

Time restrictions

When you are playing rummy, you can take enough time to plan your next move. For online rummy, on the contrary, there is always a time restriction. You only get a few seconds to decide on your move. In short, to play and win online rummy, you need to have a significant level of presence of mind. You are expected to be more prompt in your action when you are playing online rummy.

Fair gaming

In offline rummy, the players get a chance to decide their seating arrangements, which leads to two strong participants teaming up against a comparatively weaker team. On the other hand, the online rummy platform makes players seating a random procedure. Thus, it is fair and fool-proof gaming.

Though there are multiple differences that you might come across while comparing offline and online rummy, one thing that is common is that you have to have the skills required to win irrespective of the mode of gaming you choose. Whether you play the game online or offline, you will need to utilise your skills and strategies to record a win by building sequences. Technology might have influenced the version of gaming by giving it a virtual platform to reach every corner of the globe, but the victory still depends on how well gamers play.

Before COVID-19 hit the globe, people in India still used to involve in offline rummy with friends and family, but after the lockdown when social distancing norms became mandatory to be followed, online rummy grabbed many eyeballs. Through the online platforms, people received an opportunity to connect with their friends and family members staying at a distance and socialise, interact, and play with them despite letting their bonding be affected by the distance caused by the COVID waves.

This is how the game of rummy transformed from being the tale of homes to becoming the tale of screens. If you want to enjoy the game, download an app offering rummy online and start playing today!

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