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Flipkart was down for half an hour

Due to the high volume of traffic, India’s biggest online retail website Flipkart.com was down for half an hour on 3 October 2014. While opening the site, it displayed an error “503 Service unavailable”.  Site became normal at 11:35 pm (GMT +5.30 ), 3, October 2014.

“Due to the high volume of traffic on our website, we’re currently facing some difficulties. This page will refresh automatically when the issue is resolved. Still busy! Checking website in another  10 seconds”, site was throwing the error.

flipkart error tecake

Today only Flipkart launched Moto 360 smart watch, may be due to heavy traffic their server failed to even load the site. Flipkart.com was created on 3 june 2007. It is hosted at,  Bangalore, Karnataka.

It is not the first time that people were facing trouble while opening the site. Since the launch of Flipkart.com, site has faced this problem number of times due to increased load on its server. Last time flipkart.com crashed  on the launch of Xiomi Mi3. Site went down on launch of Moto G and Moto E too. It seems that flipkart’s server can’t handle the massive inrush of people looking for their products, and it is becoming a habbit now that Flipkart is crashed on the launch any awaited device.

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