First Electric Highway System in Sweden goes under testing, to be featured in California soon

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Sweden has launched its first electric highway system for trucks. It being reported that Siemens will help the country for next two years to test the eHighway system on a 1.25 miles stretch of highway on the north of Stockholm. The project is currently under testing phase and it might be unveiled soon in California.

Similar to the electrified railroad, the distance stretched by the system will support overhead wires such that hybrid trucks can make a connection using connectors integrated at the top of the vehicles.

The generalized trucks used for the electric highway include sensors which control for the presence of the wires. Once located, the truck leaves a connector which is also called ‘Pantograph’, either automatically or by the driver manually.

Once a pantograph-enabled truck is successfully made the connection to the system’s wires, the drivers can switch off the combustion engine of the vehicle and drive it by using the electric powered system. The connection will only utilize the battery of the truck while it is traveling. But, it will also use excess energy that is being generated back to the overhead wires and into the system.

Once the electric highway finishes, the driver can easily switch on the engine of the truck to go forward in his remaining trip.

According to the Roland Edel, chief engineer in the Siemens Mobility Division, the system will allow to reduce half of the energy consumption and decrease the air pollution. An official from Scania Claes Erixon also said that the testing is an essential milestone in the request toward fossil fuel-free transportation, with it completing the project that developed in the two years.

Siemens is also recently working to set up electric highway in California, this time done in a partnership with Volvo. The testing of the system will go through next year, with the companies seeming to solve the interactions of different truck configurations along Long Beach and Los Angeles.

Another currently reported startup to decrease the consumption of the fossil fuels by trucks is from Nikola Motor, which is seeming to be the Tesla Motors for trucks. The Nikola Motor’s first motive is to cover a range of up to 1,200 miles on a single charge, which will take half of a cost as compared to the fuel required to boost a combustion-engine truck over the equal distance.

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