Filmmaker James Cameron explains the bleak future of the Great Barrier Reef

James Cameron, the Avatar director has reportedly issued a warning regarding the ultimate destiny of the Great Barrier Reef if it is not protected. Explaining the situations affecting the reefs, he said that unless climate change is controlled, they soon would perish.

Cameron stated on Monday in Sydney that the phenomena of reef bleaching as that of the condition in the Great Barrier Reef, is actually an effect of climate change, which cannot be eliminated. The director who invests much of his time in deep sea exploration said, “The heating, even a few degrees, can cause the symbiotic algae in coral to depart and coral bleach, and then it becomes an unhealthy reef system, and then it ultimately fails.” Further, Cameron added, “This is something that if we don’t course correct with regards to the carbon we are dumping into the atmosphere, it’s going to become an inevitability. The Great Barrier Reef will die, it’s that simple.”

The statements of Cameron are gradually taking their time to turn true. Reportedly a study published lately in the journal Nature brought to light that near about one-third corals present in the Great Barrier Reef died due to bleaching in the year 2016 followed by more bleaching in the early months of the year 2017. The study warned that the coral reefs living in the tropical regions would continue degrading gradually till climate change is controlled.

The Canadian filmmaker said in a statement, “I think those deeper ecosystems have survived for millions of years, and will survive millions of years longer.” He continued, “It’s that thin skin of life up near the top of the ocean we need to put our focus on now.” Cameron explained, “We need to think not about saving the ocean by going into the ocean more, but we need to think about saving the ocean by how we behave here on the land.”

Cameron explained people need to focus on the way they cultivate and feed themselves and the way they recycle waste materials. He illustrated his five thousand acre green farms located in Canada and New Zealand to show his initiative towards creating a greener livelihood.

Cameron pointed out to the present degraded state of oceans saying, “The Ocean has become the toilet of human civilization.” He described, “Between our consumption from the ocean and our waste cycle into the ocean, we have pretty much condemned the ocean to a highly degraded state, if not utter doom if we don’t acknowledge that and course correct.”

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