Facebook to mark its potential in health industry

Mark Zukerberg, Facebook CEO

Facebook is now planning to establish its roots in the health industry. According to the reports from people in it, the social networking giant is hiring and meeting with people in this industry to mark its presence in the market.

Facebook, after Google and Apple, is going to launch its health services in the market. However, both the technology giants were able to launch their devices and software services to help people track and monitor their fitness. Google is already on the Android Wearable that is supported by most of the wearable manufacturers, whereas Apple has designed new products for people to help with it.

According to the reports, Facebook will be working on building new “Support Communities” that would connect to the Facebook users having different types diseases. However, the social networking giant will also be building a new “preventative care” application that would help people live a better lifestyle.

Facebook, with this initiative, will be able to bring together people around the world one on the platform, there will be more discussions about preventative measures and methodologies about what to do when. It will help people address various problems while getting solutions for their issues.

It is not the first time when Facebook has started something for maintaining good health of the people, back in the year 2012, company started a new program called, “Organ-Donors Status Initiative”, which was backed by a huge support from people using the Facebook. The social networking was able to pull as many as 13,504 registrations for the act. It then changed the profile pages to allow members specify their organ donor status.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and his wife Priscilla Chan, a pediatric resident at the University of California, San Francisco donated $5 million dollars to the Ravenswood Health Center in East Palo Alto.

However, if you are wondering if Facebook is going use this attribute of yours for advertising then you must relax and sit back as the policies do not allow pharmaceutical companies to advertise using services such as Facebook.

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