India ranks at 36 in Internet inclusiveness ranking of Facebook-EIU

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India has secured the 36th position in the internet inclusiveness as per a study conducted by facebook-Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). The overall ranking has taken into account a lot of factors and parameters such as the availability, affordability, governing policies in place for internet access in the country, etc.

In fact, in this study conducted where 75 countries have participated India ranked 26th concerning affordability of the web facilities. Also, India secured the 25th and 36th spot in the ranking for readiness and relevance categories respectively. India also scores high on the affordability front, and the report attributes this to the high market competitiveness that can be seen here. With India adopting the 4G frequency spectrum last year, it is believed that the inclusiveness would further go up in the next few years.

According to the ranking Singapore, Sweden, the USA and Japan have secured the top slots in terms of internet inclusiveness. This study undertaken by social media Giant, Facebook intends at giving a balanced perspective on the relative degree of inclusiveness and availability of internet facility to the masses in the different participating countries.

Speaking of the criteria for the ranking and the various parameters that have been considered by Facebook-EIU, a truly inclusive internet must have a high score in terms of availability, should be very affordable and the social and economic aspects associated with its usage must be brought to the forefront. As per the report released by Facebook-EIU, there has been a swift change in the consumption pattern in the case of India as several internet users in India have switched over to the mobile data subscription from fixed-line broadband data over the last decade or so. Among all the 22 Asian countries, India‘s overall rank is 12th.

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