Facebook asked for explanation over censorship policy by 70+ Rights Groups

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Facebook, since long is under duress for its bowdlerization policies and content removal from its platform and people around the globe has kept on criticising the social networking site for such censorship nature. Without giving any solid explanation over such editing actions, Facebook has ended up being a pitiless editor for its users and yesterday, more than 70 rights groups have asked Facebook to clarify its content removal policies. Top Rights Groups including ACLU, Center for Media Justice, SumOfUs and Color of Change, in the letter have expressed their deep anxiety over the suppression of Facebook, especially when posts are isolated from the social platform at the appeal of police.

Yesterday, on 31st October, more than 70 rights associations wrote a letter to the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, asking him to clarify the policies on content removal and openly criticized the perspectives of FB towards certain censorship. In the letter, the groups also mentioned the bowdlerization policies of FB are violating human rights. Some of the noteworthy posts which have become the victim of the censorship of FB consist of iconic images of Vietnam War which includes a naked girl escaping a napalm attack, the brutality of the police, and deletion of Palestinian posts.

Since past couple of years, Facebook has being criticised for removing pivotal posts from its networking site including the deletion of important news stories from Trending Topics Section. American Civil Liberties Union, Sierra Club, Centre for Media Justice and SumOfUs mentioned in their letter, “News shared on Facebook is getting wrecked.” While some other groups also asked the social media company to stop being a cruel sensor and removing the crucial posts unofficially.

Commenting on this matter, a spokesperson of Facebook said, the organisation is currently reviewing the letter and soon will publish the new notification on this issue. Facebook, last month announced that it will weigh the news and relevant posts and will keep those posts that people find interesting, important, or vital to the public interest.

Some groups also alleged Facebook not being transparent to its users and asked it to end censorship which is reflecting its brutality over sensitive contents and posts. Previously, which was thought to be an individualized glitch, now is claimed to be an outspread policy setback and Facebook is no doubt going to face much more hitches over this matter.

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