Everything You Need To Know About Big Brother 24

Finally, Big Brother is back with the 24th season on 24/7 coverage. Our favorite reality show features some incredible members, and every week they are facing extreme challenges, game-shaking powers, and close quarters as they are plotting their way out of the tight situation just to avoid being nominated and subsequently evicted from the house.

Big Brother has been one of the longest reality TV shows on the planet, and the whole idea of the show is to put random members in close quarters that will live together for nearly three months.

Since different people have different opinions, we can often see many people disagreeing on things, and the show is all about manipulation of being the best in the house and partnering with other groups just to avoid being nominated. Nonetheless, you can bet on Big Brother to keep being on TV for years and years to come.

So, why most people are excited about the Big Brother 24 season and what can we expect until the finale? Let’s find out.

What are the New Twists of the Big Brother 24?

Since the show is in the early stages, it is still unknown at the moment, but there will be some huge twists according to CBS. The houseguests will be scrambling and America will be able to vote for their favorite cast member and impact the game on premiere night.

There have also been some rumors that the first eviction will be unlike any eviction night we’ve ever seen just because it won’t be one of the members that everyone thinks will be bounced that night.

This means that this is going to be one of the biggest Big Brother seasons so far, full of twists and surprises that the guests or the public still don’t know about.

What’s the Theme of the Show?

For this season of Big Brother, the theme is Big Brother Motel and the house is inspired by a mid-century Palm Springs look. It is nice to see things shaken up a bit by introducing a popular motel theme that will eventually make the show more exciting.

When is the Premier of Big Brother 24?

The premiere for the latest Big Brother show is set for July 6th at 8 p.m and the first episode will be a special 90-minute episode just to introduce all the members of the house to the public along with some of the changes for this season.

When is the Big Brother 24 Finale?

The latest reality shows that we all know and love will last a total of 82 days. Even though this is the shortest season since season 14 almost a decade ago, it will still hold more excitement than the last couple of seasons that lasted more.

The season finale is set for Sunday, September 25, with a special two-hour episode. This is the first time the show ended a season on Sunday, and that night will be full of twists.

What Is the Winning Prize of Big Brother 24?

Big Brother 24 will keep the same prize from the last season, which is $750,000 for the winner. This is an increase from the $500,000 that the Big Brother series had in the previous 22 seasons. This is an incredible amount of money and it’s there for a good reason, to inspire all the house members to fight hard to stay in the house.

Will There Will Be Any Returning Houseguests?

Season 22 of the Big Brother reality TV show was branded as “All Stars” in which the organizers brought back all the popular people that ever played in the show. However, this year, the situation is different.

There are no returning houseguests fighting for the $750,000.

How Is the Show Going so Far?

So far, this has been one of the most exciting seasons of Big Brother in a long time, and that is in large part to the ever-shifting alliances and the unexpected game moves that CBS warned us about. This season so far is full of twists that nobody expects. Even the houseguests are improving their game and making some drastic decisions in the early stages of Big Brother 24.

All of this suggests that the 24th season of Big Brother will be one of the most exciting seasons we have seen in a while.

Who is in the Cast for Big Brother 24?

In this season of the show, we have new members that are allocated perfectly in order to make the show more exciting. Here are the cast members for the Big Brother 24:

  • Alyssa Snider

24 years old from Sarasota, Fla. Working as a Marketing rep

  • Ameerah Jones

31 years old from Westminster, Md. working as content designer

  • Brittany Hoopes

32 years old from Atlanta, Ga. working as a hypnotherapist

  • Daniel Durston

35 years old from Ontario. Calif. Who is a Vegas performer

  • Indy Santo

31 years old from Sao Paulo, Brazil, working as a corporate flight attendant

  • Jasmine Davis

29 years old coming from Terry, Miss. An Entrepreneur

  • Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli

24 years old from Staten Island, N.Y, working as an assistant football coach

  • Joseph Abdin

24 years old from Lake Worth, Fla.

  • Kyle Capener

29 years old from Utah

  • Matt Turner

23 years old from North Attleborough

  • Michael Bruner

28 years old from Saint Michael – Attorney

  • Monte Taylor

27 years old from Bear, Personal Trainer

  • Nicole Layog

41 years old From Fort Lauderdale – Private Chef

  • Paloma Aguilar

22 years old from San Marcos – Interior Designer

  • Taylor Hale

27 years old from West Bloomfield

  • Terrance Higgings

47 Years old from Chicago, III


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