Enjoy the after-sales service as Mercedes launches “My Mercedes My Service”

mercedes benz s-class

The German automobile company has launched after- sales service experiences to its customers. They call it as ‘My Mercedes My service.’ It intends to improve the after-sale-service and provide customers stress-free and quick service experience.


It has come up with some new features that guarantee a better service to your car when brought to the service station. These features are categorized into three groups namely Premier Express service, Digital Service Drive, and innovative service


As commented by the Director and CEO of Mercedes, the service is promised to be most comforting, hassle-free and excellent. This is indeed a modern approach to the modern generation to mould their decisions towards the brand.

How is it beneficial?

The after-sale service intends to reduce the average service time for the maintenance of the vehicles. The customers need not put effort to travel to the service centers just for the service of the vehicle. The Premier Express Services reduces the turnaround time. Well, this is not an attempt to just attract the customers for the brand. But with such a scheme, the customers all together benefited.

Car servicing can be most tedious and time-consuming. With such stress- free service, the customers find it a lot feasible and approachable. It offers 3 years or 30,000kms, 3 years or 60,000kms, 4 years or 40,000kms, 4 years with 80,000kms and additionally 5 years or 100,00 km to the star ease compact plus. It is again offered with unlimited mileage. For the new cars, the Mercedes-Benz India will itself initiate a package for 10 years or 20,000kms.

So avail this after-sale offer and give your car the best servicing with less effort and time. It guarantees an absolute comforting service to the customers without concerning the customers in any way.

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