EaseUS Data Recovery Software: Overview

Nobody wants to see their important files get lost or deleted accidentally. It is one of the best feelings and the little efforts (that do not count) put into trying to salvaging the lost files makes it an even more difficult situation to be in. Great news is that you do not have to give up. There is a bright light right at the end of the tunnel. With one click, you can recover your lost files and continue working right from where you stopped. With EaseUS Free Data Recovery software, you can recover any of your files that you accidentally deleted or lost due to one reason or the other.

What does EaseUS Offer and how does it work?

After you have installed this free data recovery software, run the program and with just a click you can do all of your data recoveries for free. The data recovery process starts immediately by scanning through your hard disc drive to save your important files and data.

Ease of Usage

EaseUS Data Recovery Software is very easy to use and that is why it is highly recommended as not much expertise is needed to use the software. It does not matter if you have never used a data recovery software before, EaseUS data recovery software is easy to use; just a couple of clicks and you have got your lost files saved.

Once you have successfully launched the software, a screen pops up on which a list of the hard disc drives that have recoverable data on them is displayed. Click on the scan button to commence scanning. EaseUS data recovery software has only one scanning option; it is only when the software is unable to find any files during the first scan that it switches automatically to deep scan which carries out a much deeper scan on your hard disk. You also have the option of pausing the scanning process and continue later if, for example, you need to grab lunch or you have low power on your computer.

Recovering your data after scanning is complete is quite easy. Once any files or data are recovered, they are displayed in a single file tree. Then click on the “Export” button to save the scanned files and complete the recovery process. You can also preview the data you are about to recover before doing a full recovery. During the file preview, you can check the boxes next to each of the files to select the file you would like to recover and the ones you would like to leave out. The last step is selecting the location you would like to save your recovered files.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software is one of the few very effective data recovery software that lets you do data recovery free of charge. It is a must have and it does not disappoint

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