EA encounters drop in shares after rolling out Season 2 Battle Pass for Apex Legends

EA encounters drop in shares after rolling out Season 2 Battle Pass for Apex Legends

Electronic Arts, the developer of popular battle royale game Apex Legends rolled out season two of their battle pass and guess what? The game saw one of the most drastic drops in the share prices recording as much as 5.6% on Friday i.e. on July 5 when the new season was finally released. In fact, where 100,000 viewers access Apex Legends content on Twitch in March, it rolled down to just 45,000 viewers when the new season commenced. 

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It has become one of the fastest-growing battle royale games after it was rolled out in March and recorded almost 50 million players in the first month itself. However, when the game launched its second season, the drop in share prices failed to impress investors behind the game since the stock prices fell as much as 5.6% as on Friday which is apparently the most in five months for EA.

The emphasis is being given to Apex Legends’ competition against Epic Games’ Fortnite which is also a battle royale game and has over 250 million users worldwide across all its platform. Investors and gamers are surely concerned about the competition between the two which triggered the drop in shares of the former.

Apex Legends introduced its Season 2 Battle Royale Pass merely days ago which contains plenty of new changes to the maps, characters, and an arsenal of weapons, etc. The game promised challenges and more during the second season, however, Bloomberg reported that the new update has opened a backdoor allowing hackers to check out the exact location of the player using the new perimeter security ability which is also a major concern.

Since EA Apex Legends is free-to-play, it offers tonnes of in-app purchases right from skins to weapons to accessories and passes as well. The game introduced a new character called Watton as well. One can buy the Season Two Battle Pass for a $10 right from within the game that upgrades one’s ability to match with other players.

Business Insider stated that the share for EA has cumulatively dropped as much as 16.5% this year where the most fall was reported in March. 


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