Do not fall mod APK v1.24.0 – exciting features awaiting!

Did you know that the arcade games are one of the best out of all the categories? They are very interesting, adventurous and challenging. We are here with another such game Do Not Fall MOD APK. This game has plenty of features, which you can rely upon. It is created by casual Azur games And provides you with unlimited gold coins, unlocked skins and a lot more. Let’s take a look at the features of the game before you download it.

Details OF Do Not Fall MOD APK

Name Do Not Fall MOD APK
Compatibility Android 4.4 and above
Version 1.24.0
Created by Casual Azur Games
Cost Free
Size 25 MB
Category Arcade

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Do Not Fall MOD APK is one of the most popular games, and has millions of downloads. As the name suggests, do not fall means that you need to save yourself on the self-destructing ground which has many layers. All you need to do is control your gameplay, by just tapping on your phone so that your player does not fall. You can take jumps to control your gameplay. The game comes with various skins and amazing font styles, which makes it more entertaining. All of these are not unlock in the original version, but in Do Not Fall MOD APK, you can find everything. Earning gold coins in the game becomes very challenging, there are opportunities by which you can win extra of them but it could never be unlimited.

With the help of this version, you have unlimited coins, by which you can purchase anything that you require for your character. It has a very smooth gameplay. Certainly, there would be no interruptions in form of advertisements or technical glitch. There are many stages along with various locations that you can explore, once you complete levels. It becomes very hectic, to cross levels, to earn gold coins, skins and Fonda. This has everything free of cost, all the locations unlocked, all the skins unlocked, add free working, simple gameplay, attractive graphics and a lot more.

Besides, you can even get new boxing gloves along with boosters. Moreover, you can customize your character by adding new styles to him. The gameplay seems to be very real; you just need to cross all the barricades and obstacles that come in the way of the self-destructing floor. The game is head over heels, why don’t you try it yourself?

Features of Do Not Fall MOD APK

The APK has various features, which are not there in the original game. All of these features are free of cost, and you get everything without efforts. Why don’t you just go and grab the game, before it’s too late?

  1. First of all, it provides you with very simple gameplay. It becomes very simple to control your character, help him jump and pass the obstacles.
  2. The game comes with 2-D graphics, which makes it very pleasing to ice. You would not get bored as it is full of vibrant colors and animations.
  3. This game is very interesting, where you need to cross levels to earn coins and various other accessories.
  4. One of the major features of this game is the unlocked items that you get without any efforts. In the original game, you need to unlock accessories including fonts, skin, boosters and boxing gloves by crossing different stages and levels. With the help of this APK, you can get everything unlocked at the beginning itself.
  5. The game has unlimited gold coins, which also is another prominent feature. It becomes very troublesome in earning points. But, with the help of this APK, you will get unlimited gold coins, without any cost.
  6. The game allows you to explore new options, by going to new locations.
  7. Most importantly, Do Not Fall MOD APK is advertisement free and cleat from all the viruses and bugs. Moreover, the technical Working has no complications, and the link also works efficiently.
  8. The game is compatible with android devices and is very easy to install.

How to install Do Not Fall MOD APK

We are here with an installation guide for you to install the game with ease. All you need to do is follow the steps and you have the game. Do not panic, if the game fails to download. Make sure that you download it again from the given link.

  1. Firstly, if you have any prior versions of the game make sure that you delete them.
  2. Check if your device has enough storage to download the game.
  3. Enable download from unknown sources, by going into settings, privacy and allowing download from unknown sources.
  4. From the given link, download the file and process it
  5. Once you are done with the processing, install the game and you may see the icon floating on your screen.
  6. Now you have the game, you can start protecting your character.


Right now, if we would be playing the original Do Not Fall, it would be so chaotic and burdensome to earn each and everything and unlock stuff by crossing levels. But now, when we have Do Not Fall MOD APK, it becomes very simple and smooth running. This game is one of a kind, it is not very difficult or crucial. The gameplay is very easy, you have everything controlled in your hand. All you need to do is just sit back, relax and play the game.

Moreover, these interesting features including unlimited gold coins, unlock skins and fonts, various locations and a lot more. Besides, there is no root required, to play this game. If you’re worried about safety, the link is 100% safe, without any technical complications. Finally, the ad-free working of the game could be a cherry on the top. You can play the game, with all your concentration without blabbering on the advertisements.

Do Not Fall MOD APK: FAQs

1. What features will this APK provide?

There are certain amazing features, unlike the original game. You can get unlimited gold coins if you have a mod version. It lets you have all the font styles, locations, skins, gloves and boosters.

2. Can the game work on iOS?

No, this link is specifically for android. It would not work on iOS users.

3. Is the game safe to play and install?

Yes, this could be a common concern of most people. The game is safe and easy to play. Your device would not get hampered with the working of the game. As said earlier, it requires no root.

4. Are the graphics really excellent?

The graphics of the game are of mediocre quality. Various other games have awesome graphics. This game has 2-D characters, with plenty of colors which make it appealing.

5. How much storage will it consume?

Downloading the game would consume only 25MB of your device.

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