Disney announces partnership with Google


Disney fans can now watch “Frozen” on their smartphones. The animated media giant announced partnership with Google and Apple that enables android users to watch movie on their iOS devices and vice versa. For this type cross platform to work properly users have to download movies from Disney app.

Jamie Voris, Disney’s chief technology officer, said “You used to buy a shiny plastic disc and know it would work anywhere. If you make a legal, reasonably priced offering, people often choose ” New movie releases will be availabe at price around $20 on the Google Play store.

Previously in February, Disney unveiled “Disney Movies Anywhere” service, which allows the users to access all the purchased Disney movies and enables them to download it to a device or stream over the internet. The app also provides a list of 400+ Disney, Pixar and Marval movies. However, the service was only available for Apple users. The company offered the app with a free copy of “Wreck-It Ralph” to anyone who creates a new account (or signs into an existing one) and links it with their Google Play account.

Now a days, android is the most widely used mobile operating system, which will help in creating buzz about the app all over the world. According to IDC, android devices covers around 80 percent of the mobile market.

Voris also added that the biggest benefit for the consumer is being able to watch movies on different platform.

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