Delhi Uber rape case victim identifies suspect and says ‘he is the devil who raped me’


Finally, Delhi Uber rape case suspect has been identified by the victim in court premises. Delhi Police said that the victim women successfully identified Shiv Kumar Yadav as her as the one who brutally raped her while she was exiting from Tis Hazari District’s court room and has given her statement in a recording before a magistrate.

“The prosecutrix (woman)… Shiv Kumar Yadav ko dekhte hi pehchan liya aur shinakht karte huey chillai ki ‘yahi woh darinda hai jisne mera rape kiya hai’ (the woman identified Shiv Kumar Yadav after spotting him and shouted ‘he is the devil who raped me’),” the charge sheet has said.

32-year-old Yadav is presently in jail under the judicial custody. Hearing of the case will done on 9 January by Additional Sessions Judge Kaveri Baweja for farming of charges and punishing the culprit.

On November 26, Shiv Kumar Yadav, one of the drivers of the company allegedly raped a 27-year-old woman executive when she took his cab during her visit to India.

Moreover, Shiv Kumar Yadav is a 32-year-old taxi driver, which has emerged as a serial sexual offender and was out on bail in a rape case in 2013, besides being involved in a similar case in 2011.

Previously, the global cab booking firm had to stop its service in Delhi after the rape case. Firstly the company did not respond to the outrage by the people but then it compiled with a ban by government on the enterprise.

The company was further moved to its decision when the Delhi government and the traffic police started to blame each other for implementing the ban on the enterprise.

Uber was surrounded by controversies last year, at the annual Conference of Indian Economic Association, Reserve Bank of India Chief, Raghuram Ranjan said that, the company has violated the country’s financial laws as they are using overseas payment system.

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