Delhi High Court dismisses PIL against PK


Finally, its great news for Aamir Khan’s fan that Delhi High Court dismissed PIL against PK, directed by Raj Kumar Hirani. Delhi High Court noticed and said that the film was not offensive in any way.

An appeal, filed by Gautam wanted to ban the film due to disrespectful remarks against Hindu gods Shiva, Hindu Gods, Hindu faith, belief and worship in the movie. An appeal refused by a division of Chief Justice G Rohini and Justice RS Endlaw.

The bench said that there is no offensive content in the movie. They questioned on Plea that “What was wrong in the movie?” Movie does not any substance that made any derogatory remarks on any religion. The bench said, “What was wrong in the movie? We don’t find anything offensive in it. We don’t find any substance in the plea.”

The court also said that they will give a detailed order on the appeal later. Gautam argued that the film wants to make a mockery of Hindu Gods and Lord Shiva, which is shown in a bad light. He also said that Way of Worshipping God in Hindu religion has also been condemned in an irrespective way.

The film PK may have given impressions on critics and audiences, but the way of showing of Hindu sentiments in the film has made anger on right-wing organisations which say that movie mocked Hindu religion.

But the film, released on December 19, became the film in Bollywood industry to earn Rs 300 crores till January 5, 2015. PK that contains stars actor Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma, Sushant Singh Rajput and Boman Irani has left an impressive image on minds of different people all over the world.

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