Is Daydream The Current Top VR Device?

Google's Daydream

VR, the acronym for Visual Reality, has changed the meaning of games and more for the modern world. With the highly increasing popularity of VR technology and devices, the world changed for the better. The market developed an array of VR devices power packed with different features and qualities. However, the best invention of VR device by so far was made at Google I/O 2017; called the Daydream VR: standalone headsets.

Google’s Daydream

The game aficionados, online casino lovers, and tech freaks are constantly seeking the VR-ready cell phones and tabs in the market; Daydream VR is the gift for these gamer folks. Today, you can find many online games that use the VR tech; also, other kinds of games such as slots games are using this kind of technology. In a nutshell, Daydream VR is the revolutionary technology that people are going bananas for!

Moreover, the craze is elevating with the increasing number of latest VR compatible devices including Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus, Asus Zenfone AR and Moto Z2 Force etc. Believing the studies, there would be around 11 cell phones available by the end of the year which would be daydream VR ready.

Daydream VR

Many folks are confusing Daydream with Google Cardboard, which is fallacious. Daydream is quite a different approach towards VR, gaming and the world of mobile phones. Unlike cardboard, daydream would proffer a better and more robust vision along with high-quality experiences to the Android Nougat and Android O users. Google has packed the entire Play Store within sight while wearing a Daydream headset. In other words, Daydream Home is a one-stop shop for the users where they can start virtual reality apps or watch videos while wearing the headset itself.

Going along with the studies and data, Daydream VR is one of the best technology inventions and the current top device on the chart of cell phone technologies. It’s a platform with a set of Visual Reality hardware standards for makers to follow. It coalesces with a new bit of hub software from Google itself. Google has also made its own apps attuned to the Daydream VR platform. These apps include Photos, Maps, Play Movies, and YouTube etc.

Daydream VR technology is all intended to perk up the VR experience on Android devices, especially mobile phones, and make VR apps and video contents more accessible to more people!

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