Forget Viagra, this new technique can combat erectile dysfunction

Viagra can become a part of history if you believe in the new study. The scientists have come with a new discovery of a stem cell sex treatment with the help of which men can cure the problem of erectile dysfunction.

After the repeated trials and experiments, the scientists believe that if 20m stem cellsĀ are injected into the base of the penis, it can actually reinvigorate the blood vessels and the nerve endings.

Undergoing this procedure can also make the organ bigger which is something Viagra hasn’t accomplished yet.

In a recent interview, the reporters clarified that this research is focused towards those men who have removed their prostate glands due to diseases like cancer.

Removal of the prostate glands can cause the degeneration of blood vessels and nerves in the penis and at the same time shrink the organ.

Soren Sheikh, professor, and director of the Danish Centre for regenerative medicine is said to reveal more details regarding this in the upcoming meeting that is going to be held in Barcelona for the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology.

If the reports are to be trusted, it is a great relief for millions of men who are suffering erectile dysfunction. It is said that undergoing the operation for prostate glands removal can decrease the functioning of the penis and makes it considerably small in size.

Soren Sheikh was reported saying that there are results where men have regained the proper functioning of their penis for more than a year and a half but it requires longer trials to learn more about the benefits.

He also added the stem cell treatment is also helpful for treating the erectile dysfunction in millions of men out there who suffer from this problem because of diabetes, high blood pressure, aging, and heart diseases, etc.

Erectile dysfunction is one of the major problems faced by men these days because of the hectic lifestyle and severe diseases. In order to keep up with a healthy sex life, men have been using Viagra and other substitutes to fulfill their needs.

If you trust the reports, it is going to be a great relief for the Viagra uses because they can now have something all natural and stop using the products and accessories to satisfy the sexual needs.

The treatment also involves the removal of fat cells from the abdomen of the patient with the help of liposuction.

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