Bizarre theory claims that Aliens and Vikings live inside the hollow Earth

As per the latest reports, another set of conspiracy theorists have come up with the idea that our Earth is a hollow sphere. That means they are claiming that our Earth is neither round nor flat, rather it is a hollow sphere. In an article published in the Daily Mail, a new, growing community of conspiracy theorists has suggested that our Earth is Hollow and at its center, there is a paradise where many ‘superior’ alien humans, Nazis and Vikings live.

Although, majority of the people believe that our Earth is round, but now, a couple of conspiracy theorist groups have come up with different shapes of our Earth like the Earth is flat like a disk or hollow from within. Those people who believe that the Earth is hollow are called the hollow-Earthers. After analyzing an ancient map these hollow-Earthers, are now convinced that there is a road inside our Earth which leads to the paradise. They also believe that UFOs and flying saucers are sent from the interior of the globe by ‘guardians of the planet’ to keep an eye on the human race and prevent potential nuclear war. Currently, the community of hollow-Earthers is headed by author Rodney Cluff, and he believes they their supporters are growing in numbers. Mr. Cluff said, “More and more people are coming to terms with the fact that the Earth is hollow. I get emails from people learning about it every day. It’s definitely growing in popularity – certainly not in the millions but maybe in the thousands.”

In 2007, Cluff had planned a voyage to the hollow Earth through an opening in the North Pole, but later, he canceled the plan. Now he claims that there two openings into the inner Earth near the poles and one in the Himalayas. According to him, at the center of the Earth, there is a paradise in which superhumans are there, and they are joined by the Nazis from World War II and the lost Viking colonies. Inside the Earth also, there is the sun that is divided by day and night sides. Cluff said that he believes that the shell of the Earth is around 800 miles thick, from the outside to the inner surface.

Cluff is against the claim made by the flat-Earthers. “I don’t know how the flat-Earthers can be so confused. They are obviously wrong. The world is not flat – it’s hollow. They reject all the evidence,” he said. Unlike, the flat-Earthers, the hollow-Earthers believe that our Earth is spherical but with a hollow body. Their conspiracy theories also suggest that the moon, the stars, the Sun, and other planets are all hollow bodies.

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    • Trump’s supreme Aryan family originated in the Inner Earth city of Scamballah. They left Inner Earth and spread the ‘art of the white lie’ across the surface of the Earth.

  • So Newton formula of gravitation is wrong? Whatever science had progress is wrong? Why not exterior ocean water fall into hollow earth? Why not hollow earth collapse in earth quake? What a rubbish thinking?

  • This is even worse than “flat earth”, and shows that unfortunately most folks’ understanding of physics is derived from watching cartoons. Consider:

    * You need a certain amount of critical mass in order to begin a fusion reaction … the smallest possible star (a brown dwarf) would be about 80 times larger than Jupiter, which would obviously be much, much larger than earth

    * Even if you could fit a star inside earth, the heat would instantly incinerate everything inside and outside of the “shell”. Consider the amount of heat the Earth receives from the Sun (also a relatively small star, btw) at 93 MILLION MILES away!!

    * Gravity is pulling us towards Earth’s center of mass … that means even if you had an empty shell without any star in the center, everything inside the shell would instantly fly into the center, and after bouncing around for while, would stay suspended there with no way to get back to the surface. Sounds like fun, eh? 🙂

    • You could park a midget neutron star– say one about a mile across– in the center of the hollow sphere, but even if you could do it I think the last thing the surface denizens would see would be a colossal global pucker, and the last thing they would ever hear would be a titanic sucking sound. The blow-off of lighter elements would probably make a nice firework display for otherworldly astronomers.

  • Hardly a new misconception. Sir Edmond Halley of comet fame suggested it was possible in 1691 during a pub crawl of London’s dockyards, but he’d had a lot of sherry flips by then.

    In 1818, John Cleves Symmes and his bff Jeremiah Reynolds cooked up a new hollow Earth scheme (HES) and various followers kept it alive through the 19th century. The last time a HES was taken seriously was in 1956, when Admiral Byrd flew over the South Pole, claiming to have discovered a vast hole to Insider Earth. When people actually went there looking for the thing, surprise! all they found was the same old snow and ice. So Byrd’s report was a half-vast discovery, no?

    Full disclosure: I was a science nut in the 8th grade and followed Byrd’s claimed find day by day. I even did a book report on Jules Verne’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” I was so fascinated by the subject. I did not take the subsequent debunking well, but it led me to become a skeptic about pseudoscience and conspiracy theories that has lasted to this day.

  • My favorite part of this whole story is the notion that the superior races inside the earth would welcome Nazis into their world.

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