Congress leader’s taped telephonic conversation goes viral


Congress Senior Leader’s telephonic conversation record has gone viral in Jammu & Kashmir in which leader’s voice could be listened clearly. In the conversation leader promises a girl to give her job in exchange for sleeping on bed with him. The taped conservation went viral on social media and has gone disseminated on WhatsApp. Congress was not able to maintain its dignity in the State after mortifying defeat in the Lok Sabha polls by BJP. This might further create difficulty for Congress in the Vidhansabha elections to be held on November 25, 2014.

Eight-Minute clip took place in Kashmiri Language in which the girl called Leader with his name and remembered him about her promise. Leader answered to her talk that “you come near to me; I will do all that things that might be possible for me.” Leader only talked about sex in their whole conversation. He said to her to take commitment that she loves him. “You did not adjust me,” the girls said in Kashmiri. “I will do everything after you come to me,” the leader responds. The girl said that she never heard this type of conservation previously that’s why she was hesitating to hear this insensible talk.

The man’s voice in recording, belongs to the senior post in Congress in Jammu & Kashmir. Congress Spokesperson said that this case is to be investigated. There was no proof of the audio clip’s legitimacy, and FIR hasn’t been registered yet. On other side, if this case found to be true, leader might face strict jurisdiction.  “What is the proof? Is there any FIR against the gentlemen [sic]? That means there is no proof… It should be properly investigated, and things should come to light. In the case, it is proved we will take action against him,” G.N. Monga, Vice President of Jammu & Kashmir Congress said. He further added, “So far it is only a news item… why are you dragging the party? It is… an individual who has talked to somebody,” According to Report, Congress has not officially emerged any statement regarding this controversy that was described by some local newspapers and websites.

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