Cats are responsible for killing 1 million Australian birds in a day: Reports

Cats are responsible for killing 1 million Australian birds in a day

Every day millions of birds are getting killed by cats in Australia. Feral cats kill 316 million birds a year. Whereas, pet cats kill 61 million birds yearly. Approximately, 99 percent cats are local, as per the recent study.

Prof John Woinarski of Charles Darwin University who is the lead researcher said that everybody knows that cat kills the birds, but this study shows the number of plundering is unbelievable which may push the constant decay of many species. As per the reports, the researchers had merged data from previous studies said by Prof Sarah Legge of the Australian National University.

The study was conducted to look at the national impact cats were having on Australia’s birds. As stated by Prof Sarah Legge, the researchers observed the characteristics which were likewise prone to make a bird susceptive to cats.Meanwhile, the birds which build nests on ground and hunts on the land are in danger. Also, those birds which inhabited in isolated islands or drier areas plus small to medium-sized birds are an absolute risk. The researchers figured that among 11 billion native birds, 4 percent birds get killed by cats annually.

As per reports, the total number of birds which get killed by cats includes 60 percent of endangered species in Australia. Sebastian Lang who is acting threatened species commissioner said that the government had already vanished above $30m into plans to decrease the vicious threat.

The cats have caused the loss of 377 million birds each year. Though, 373 million birds are native, which is 99 percent of all the figure. Feral cats killed 316 million birds. Plus, domestic cats killed 61 million birds. The damage was so severe as 71 species were endangered out of 338 native species. The study was published in the journal Biological Conversation.

The endangered birds can save by the responsible cat owners who can help by desexing the cats and keeping the cats inside or in cat run. Certain are exceptional ways to protect our wildlife which can also enhance the welfare of domestic cats.

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