Buisness man murdered and looted in Delhi

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On Sunday afternoon, a 72-year-old businessman was strangled to death in his own house near Jama Masjid, Central Delhi.

The man owned a business of clothes in the Chandni Chowk region of Old Delhi. He was murdered by two men, in front of his daughter. One of the murderer was a former employee, police said. The suspects went in with the intention to rob the house but suddenly the owner of the house stepped into the scene, which resulted in an unintentional murder. They robbed a packet containing 6 lakh rupees.

The victim, Vir Sain, owned a saree store in Chandni Chowk. He had a house in Jama Masjid’s Chhippi Wara Kalan area, but he lived with his son in another house in east Delhi’s Nirman Vihar colony. His daughter told the police that she lived in Chhippi Wara and Sain occasionally visited his old house in that area.

“On Sunday afternoon, Sain called his daughter and told her to meet him at their old house in Chhippi Wara. She had told him about the bag of money he was carrying,” said a cop.

At about 3:15pm, just as she entered the house she found the door of the house open. She saw two men in the house, who ran out from the house as soon as they saw her. Then she rushed in the room to find her father dead and the bag missing.

With the help of neighbours, she took Sain to hospital where the doctors said he was dead long before he was brought to the hospital. While it appeared he was strangulated, police said that the exact cause of death will be known after a post-mortem report.

The police suspect, the culprits must be aware that Sain would be carrying a large sum of money and must have followed him to his house. Initial evidence suggests that they broke open the door to enter the house, said the officer.

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