Do aliens exist? People scared as green UFO mysteriously appears in sky on eve of New Year


We all have heard stories of alien spacecraft, but still, no one is certain that it exists or not? Here now we came up with more footage from Leeds, Sheffield, Doncaster and various other places that will leave you speechless. This news came up on the new year’s eve that people spotted a circular greenish UFO in the sky. The residents spotted this suspected object and they took the social media as a platform to express their fear and anxiety.

This strange object seemed bright green was seen in the sky of Yorkshire. Though, it is not confirmed that whether it was a UFO or an asteroid but still this news will remain in the air until the space agency comes up with information. The presence of the extraterrestrial life is still not proved, but NASA has been accused of hiding the real information. The theory of another world has always been mysterious holding up many doubts and questions. This is not the first time the news of spotting a UFO is in the air.

People expressed themselves on Twitter, a user tweeted that “Reports coming in of a bright green object/ meteor seen over the UK. It was huge by all accounts! #omgweareallgoingtodie”.

People got scared by the strange object one more user Dale‏ @DaleofEurope tweeted “It was incredibly fast. I’m in Leeds but sightings also in Bristol and Aberdeen!” People described it as a spectacular object and said that it was beyond our imagination.

Whatever, it might be, but it has once again given rise to the conspiracy that we are not alone in this universe. Many UFO hunters believe that aliens continuously trail around the Earth and NASA is hiding it from people on Earth as it might create chaos. Theories are coming out that this might be aliens, meteor or maybe a lost fighter spacecraft. But it is becoming the latest point of the talk, and people still have the same curiosity about the alien’s existence. However, investigators proposed that don’t believe in any information but this kind of news increases everyone’s adrenaline rush. The International Meteor organisation later confirmed that it was just a bright meteor which then split into two parts.

On Friday 22nd December 2017, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 successfully lifted off from Space Launch Complex 4E (SLC-4E) at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, carrying the Iridium-4 mission to orbit. While lifting up the rocket was created a trail of mystery and wonders.

The launch took place under the setting sun, and it created a bright, shining streak in the evening sky. The view was pretty unusual and was so spectacular that it led to distraction among drivers ion South California and as per a viral video, three drivers crashed each of their cars while trying to get a glimpse of the mysterious object in the night sky. A YouTuber with username Mark Sales posted a video in which it can be seen that the three cars collided while the SpaceX rocket was passing overhead. According to the Los Angeles Times, the short video clip was filmed across Interstate 10 in Banning with the help of a dashboard-mounted Camera. In the video, a man and children were commenting about the rocket and about the unfortunate drivers who crashed ahead of them. The December 22 Falcon 9 launch left a contrail behind it in the evening sky, and that contrail blew everyone’s mind. The contrail looked like a big Jellyfish having a long bright glowing tail.

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