Bookmaker Software Solutions to Start a Business in India

It is now super easy to start a bookmaker business in India. The process is simple and lets you launch an online bookie business within a few days.

But how? The answer is bookmaker software.

What Is Bookmaker Software?

A bookmaker software is a ready-made tool that can be integrated into a bookmaker business website. This software enables players to place bets on various types of sports.

How to Start a Bookmaker Business in India?

Find a good bookmaker software

First, you will need a bookmaker tool. For this, you will need to research the top software solutions in India.

Make a list of all the well-known developers in your region. Narrow down your options by looking for the best features, reviews, and uniqueness.

It should serve in India’s local languages, have the most popular games betted on in India, and such.

Create a website

Next, create your website by either using a bookmaker template or hiring a developer to create one.

However, it is easy to use free templates that are easily customizable.


Now, it’s time to bring your website and software together. Talk to your bookmaker software provider about the integration. The software should be fully integrated with customizable options to match your website’s layout and interface.


Finally, when it’s all done, it’s time to adapt marketing strategies to spread the word about your bookmaker business. Make use of different online marketing strategies to achieve the same.

How to Choose a Bookmaker Software in India?

If you are on a hunt of finding good betting software for your bookmaker business, here is what to look out for:

Live Odds

The software should be able to provide live odds betting options to the bettors. This means the bettors should be able to place the bets while the match is still going on.

Putting bets on ongoing games is much more thrilling and enjoyable.

Live Streaming

The software should include live streaming of the game. This will help the bettors to place bets without switching screens. They can enjoy watching the match and place bets at the same place.

Multilingual and Multi Currency

The software should be multilingual. It should allow players to place bets in multiple languages, especially native to a particular region.

Also, it should allow players to bet in their own currency. It should automatically get accustomed to the player’s geographical location.

Easy Accounting and Reports

The admin panel should be easily manageable to track down the profits and losses. It should provide real-time reporting and other features that make the task of a bookie easy and smooth.

Interactive Interface

The first impression is the last. This holds even for betting software.

As betting involves multiple elements and a lot going on simultaneously, the interface must be interactive and easy to work out.

Even players that are new to betting should be able to place bets easily. They should be able to get firsthand knowledge of betting from the software itself.

Customer Support

Customer support plays an integral role in a business. Your players should be able to resolve their issues and queries through various mediums like call, WhatsApp, email, FAQs, video, and resources.

The software should be available round the clock to fix bugs, glitches whenever necessary.

Lastly, it should be reliable and safe. It should have a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

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