Blast in Wagah at Indo-Pak border

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Border Security Force is set on high alert as bomb blasted in wagah on indo-pak border, in which more than 52 people were killed, and about 100 were injured, including some of the military men. However, none of them were Indians.

This is suspected to be done by a suicide bomber. Most of them were returning to their homes after seeing the ceremony. According to sources, the explosion was so massive that it could be heard about two kilo-meter away. Initially, it was thought that it is a cylinder blast.

According to information, the explosion took place close to the place where retreat ceremony takes place and at the time of the blast the troops of both countries were at the border gates, marking the closing of the ceremony.

The situation was worsened by the fact that it was Sunday, and more people came to watch the show, from the usual days.

Intelligence has already warned BSF two days ago, about that the attacks were going to happen. It is so strange that no action was taken about this.

“We have put our troopers on high alert along the entire border following the Wagah incident. We are trying to get details,” a BSF official said, “BSF had received some inputs about a fortnight ago that terror groups may try to carry out a possible strike during the beating retreat ceremony, hosted by both the border guarding forces every evening before sunset.”

On request of Pakistan, no further retreat ceremony will take place, at least three days from now.

“The Pakistani Rangers initially told us that there was a cylinder blast in a tea stall but now it has emerged to be a Fidayeen attack. We are not very sure about the exact reasons,” the BSF chief said.

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